20 Things Heard In A Chiropractic Office Part Four (#16-#20)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
things heard in a chiropractor office

This is the last part of our 4-part series called “20 Things Heard In A Chiropractic Office.” I hope you have enjoyed it.

This is just a sampling of the things we hear daily but this series gives you a small idea.

Let’s just get with it. Here are the last ones: questions #16-#20.

“I believe in Chiropractic.”

Chiropractic is not a discipline requiring faith. It is not the “placebo effect.” It’s real and it’s powerful. It’s also been researched and is FACT. It’s not just chiropractic research either. It’s medical, government, insurance, and university-level research that has shown time and time again the incredible effectiveness of spinal mobilization, manual therapy, and manipulation. In addition, insurance companies cover Chiropractic for a reason. It’s because it works and research continues to show that it is normally less expensive than traditional medical protocols. So, patients don’t have to “believe.” They can rest comfortably knowing that their treatment is fact and evidence-based.

“I feel better so I don’t really want to finish the plan.”

Pain is a very small part of what we do and of what we treat. Pain is usually the last thing to show up in a condition and the first thing that chiropractors can get rid of. Pain should not be what patients use to determine their level of health. What chiropractors look at to determine your progress are re-exams, Outcome Assessment Questionnaires, and quality of life indicators. Not just how someone’s feeling today. That’s not an accurate way of determining overall progress and health. The goal is to erase pain but to also build strength, range of motion, and durability of recovery. Patients need to trust their doctor’s recommendations and not try to be the doctor. Patients go to chiropractors for knowledge and expertise that patients themselves do not have so let the Doctor give you recommendations and then follow them if you truly want to recover.


We commonly hear this one when asked if they did their at-home exercises. This is why chiropractors commonly do physical rehabilitation in the office during the patient visit. There is great research backing up chiropractic and there is great research backing up exercise. However, the best information shows that a combination of the two is the best form of treatment to incorporate. The problem is that patients just don’t like to do the exercises at home. Many of them lack the motivation or drive. Nonetheless, if we get them to rehab with us here at the office they almost always get better faster and in a more durable way.

“This is the part that makes me nervous.”

Put simply, patients have seen too many Rambo, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris movies. Those movies in the 80s didn’t do chiropractors any favor. I can tell you that! There is very minimal risk in cervical adjustments. The body is put together in a very strong and stout manner and undoing that structure takes a little bit of work and determination to truly injure someone. As with any discipline, there are good and bad practitioners. However, Chiropractic, in general, is overwhelmingly effective and exceedingly beneficial for common musculoskeletal pain and headaches. For a more in depth discussion on this, you may want to read another blog of mine at: /research-cervical-manipulation-what-you-need-to-know/

“I heard that once you start going, you have to go forever.”

It’s common that people WANT to go forever when they realize how much better they feel following treatment with a chiropractor. You don’t have to live with pain and people enjoy feeling better. That’s pretty natural. But, we believe that treatment should have a beginning and it should have an ending. It should not be an ongoing, open-ended, or infinite plan. We firmly feel that treatment of a complaint takes some time and a regular plan but, once there is resolution of the complaint, once a month maintenance/wellness is the ideal ongoing schedule.

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