20 Things Heard In A Chiropractic Office Part One (#1-#5)

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

“Wiggle your feet.”

This one may seem silly but, patients are commonly somewhat apprehensive at the thought of having their neck adjusted. Even if they’ve done it a million times. It shouldn’t work but it does. Almost every time you tell a patient to wiggle their feet, it takes their minds off of the adjustment just long enough that they aren’t guarding and it’s so much easier to accomplish.

“You didn’t get this way overnight and I’m not going to get you better in one day.”

Also known as, “If I could fix everyone in one visit, we’d have vans picking them up at the airport.” This one is pretty obvious. Most patients are very reasonable people and understand the concept that you will not get where you want to be in one visit. Any meaningful change in the body just takes time. However, every now and then, you need to have an honest discussion with patients. Some just expect immediate results. Although I’ve seen immediate improvement, it’s more common that lasting pain relief takes some time to accomplish.

“If you go see a physical therapist, do you think they’ll just see you one time and tell you to call them back if it keeps bothering you?”

Many times, patients come to us thinking that chiropractors just want to see them a million times and that a recommended schedule of treatment is unreasonable. That’s why I commonly point out the fact that, again, meaningful change in the body takes time. Physical Therapy recommends a schedule for rehabilitation of a complaint and some of what we do as chiropractors is physical therapy in nature. Why would we NOT recommend a schedule for treatment? A regular schedule that is consistent almost always provides results and durability. Also, see the discussion for #2.

“I didn’t know I was sore there.”

It’s common for people to come in for one complaint but, after undergoing a full orthopedic and neurologic exam, come to realize that they are more sore than they originally thought they were in areas of the body they didn’t necessarily know about because they were so focused on the chief complaint. This is precisely why a comprehensive orthopedic and neurologic exam is performed by a good, knowledgeable chiropractor.

“I hurt everywhere.”

It’s more common than it should be but, patients commonly come to see us after years of chronic pain that they have let take over. Pain can literally change a person and take over their lives. Unfortunately, only 10%-15% of the nation seeks out chiropractic care so it’s common to see people after they’ve finally had enough. These are the people that “hurt everywhere.”