9 Characteristics to Look For in an Amarillo Chiropractor – Part Five

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

5. Good Listener

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office and felt like they were in too big of a hurry to hear what you had to say? I think that it is very important that a doctor have a good bedside manner. Meaning, that they need to be able to listen, focus on the patient, and fully understand what the patient is saying and what their concerns are.

It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed. It happens to everyone. It’s a fact of life. However, some folks handle that pressure and stress differently than others. We try to make sure that all of our patients are on a very defined schedule that is lined out and agreed to in the beginning. Now, that doesn’t mean we require such a schedule. We make the recommendations but our patients are the bosses. If they choose to follow our recommendations, we keep them on track with re-evaluations ever 4 weeks, regular updates of their diagnosis as it evolves and progresses, regular Outcome Assessments, take-home exercises, etc.

Sometimes it just feels that we are being rushed and hurried out the door in order to keep people from waiting too long in the waiting room. If you feel that your chiropractor is running you in and out the door without listening, then I feel that they are not being as effective as they could be.

We have the latest, most up-to-date software that helps us to keep all of our patients exactly where they need to be. It’s actually pretty cool!
That’s important when you’re an Amarillo chiropractor. These Panhandle folks like a plan and a road map to get there so we pay attention to the details.

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor