9 Characteristics to Look For in an Amarillo Chiropractor – Part Six

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

6. Office Presentation.

This may seem like a silly one, but if I am going to a doctor’s office, I expect the office to be mostly clean and fairly sharp looking. I think that if a healthcare provider is going to give advice on being healthy and taking good care of yourself, then the office doesn’t need to be in disarray and chaos.

I may be telling on myself a little here but it drives me crazy when I go to another doctor’s office and it just looks like chaos. Everything is out of place. Maybe it shouldn’t matter but, if it’s dated by 20 years, it gives me a feeling that, either the doctor doesn’t care, or that he has an “old school” mindset and has possibly not been keeping up with the latest innovations in his field.

Is that fair? Maybe not. However, it’s the way I perceive things so it’s my reality.

In an ideal office, they try to have a welcoming feeling, the staff is dressed sharply and neatly, there is as little dirt or dust is on the floor and furniture as is possible, there is no trash on the floor next to the trash can, everything is as nice, as sharp, and as clean as possible.

The overall feel of the office should feel updated and somewhat modern. We have the latest in technology here at our office. When a patient comes in, they fill out their paper work on an iPad or they tell us how they’re doing on the laptop at the front desk. All of our billing is done electronically and we can tell them anything they need to know concerning their case in the click of just a button or two.

We hope that our patients get a feeling of,”I’m in the right place, these people are on top of their stuff, and this office is GREAT!”

If the doctor and the staff do not portray an acceptable image, then that may not be the place for you at this time.

Until next week,

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor