9 Characteristics to Look For in an Amarillo Chiropractor – Part Three

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

3. Network

To me, “Network” means, “how plugged in is this chiropractor as far as his associations, his colleagues, and the profession as a whole?”

On the surface, that may sound like a silly suggestion and to be somewhat inconsequential to you. But I have found that there is an extreme amount of value in being active with fellow chiropractors and state and national associations.

We are able to bounce ideas and questions off of each other whereas someone with no colleague interaction or support system merely has their own knowledge and is sort of on an island of their own making.

Not only that, but being active in the Texas Chiropractic Association has allowed me the opportunity to stay plugged in with rules and regulations, new treatments, changes in insurance plans, and options that I would have likely never known about were I not being active in my profession.

Not only have I become active in the Texas Chiropractic Association, I have been serving as the District 2 State Director for the TCA. There are 12 State Directors throughout Texas and we are the Board of Directors. We help decide the direction and the legislative goals of the profession in Texas.

It has been an eye-opening experience for sure for this Amarillo chiropractor. Now I’m in there with Dallas, Houston, and Austin chiropractors making sure that my district’s interests are represented. I never thought about how few people make the decisions for so many people.

It may be a good idea for you to inquire as to whether or not the chiropractor is a member of his state chiropractic association or if the chiropractor is a member of his national chiropractic association.

If you want to go further, you may ask if they are members of any special chiropractic groups or something of that sort.

I have found that being an active chiropractor, being a member or my national and state chiropractic associations, and becoming involved in this profession has made all of the difference in me, my practice here in Amarillo, and in the future of my practice.

Jeff S. Williams, DC
Amarillo Chiropractor