“After My Car Wreck In Amarillo, I went to the ER and saw my doctor. Do I still need treatment?”

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

The short answer is, “Yes,” but let’s explain.

Seeking care from a medical provider or from the emergency room after a car wreck is always a great idea but what about the management of your injury going further? They are only going to treat you for something that appears to be life-threatening. They are typically not set up, nor do they typically have expertise, to treat you for long-term implications following your car wreck in Amarillo.

Let’s be honest, barring emergencies, most medical providers in the Amarillo area will not treat you if you have been involved in a car wreck in Amarillo and your injury is a result of that car wreck. We are talking about general practitioners, urgent cares, surgeons, and physical therapists.

We have yet to figure out why this is the case, but can assume that it is due to there being car insurance involved rather than health insurance and, sometimes, attorneys are involved. Medical providers are not typically knowledgeable or adept at dealing with attorneys or car insurance so they simply refuse to see those patients.

While that is understandable on one level, it is certainly frustrating on another. Patients injured in a car wreck in Amarillo have few options due to this issue. As a result, many times, they go without treatment and truly suffer in the long-term as a result.

To compound the issue, the patients injured in the car wreck are not typically given the recommendation to see a whiplash or biomechanical expert for further case management. If the medical providers simply told the patients that a chiropractic office in Amarillo called Creek Stone Integrated Care was particularly good at treating patients injured in a car wreck in Amarillo and it’s doctor was recognized as an expert on Whiplash in District Court, we think it would save a lot of problems!

Practitioners such as Doctors of Chiropractic are more uniquely equipped to help manage whiplash and other car wreck injuries in the months following a wreck than most other practitioners. Chiropractors are recognized around the world as spine care experts and more and more patients with neck, back, and low back pain are seeking care with more Chiropractors.

Being the third largest doctorate-level profession in America puts Doctors of Chiropractic squarely in the conversation as an accessible, reasonable route to take for the treatment of your car wreck injury.

Here are a few of the reasons further case management by a chiropractor in Amarillo may be a good idea for you.

  1. Injuries are not always obvious after a wreck. Sometimes, whiplash happens immediately. Sometimes, it is delayed up to a month or more before setting in. The best way to avoid late onset of whiplash is to catch it early so that it does not become chronic and go on to be a more serious issue.
  2. Many times, primary practitioners or emergency room physicians are not well-schooled in whiplash, risk factors involved in a wreck for acute injury, and/or risk factors involved in a wreck for chronic pain that can follow. As a result, some car wreck victims are prescribed painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories with little or no recommendations for care going further. Whiplash is a mechanical injury that responds better to mechanical treatment through a chiropractor or even a physical therapist rather than through chemical treatment such as medication.
  3. Some healthcare providers are not educated on the best kind of x-rays to perform to evaluate for whiplash injuries. X-rays in different positions would be preferred. A second opinion from a whiplash expert can be very important as well.
  4. In a wreck, your body goes from one speed to another in a millisecond: literally. Medication does nothing to address the muscles and micro-tears than can arise from such an injury. See a biomechanical expert.
  5. If you saw your doctor for your shoulder, knee, hip, or some other area, who is evaluating and treating you for your neck, mid-back, and low back?
  6. A recommended course of after-care can help avoid long-term pain and restore the range of motion in the neck, back, and low back potentially setting you up for a more successful recovery and outcome.

If you get in a car wreck in Amarillo, TX, get treated if you feel it’s an emergency by a medical professional…..THEN get seen and treated by a biomechanical expert on whiplash. Get seen by Dr. Jeff Williams at Creek Stone Integrated Care. Call 806-355-3000 and let’s get you on the right track.