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Thursday, February 7th, 2019
whiplash injuries and treatments

Hey everyone, here’s a quick blog for those of you that don’t like to read long articles.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about what can happen after car wrecks. The first shocking stat I can share here is the fact that 25% of people in a car wreck still have pain after 5 years.

Hard to believe, right? We see it all of the time. “Mary, when did your pain start? Well, doc, it started about 10 years ago when I had a car wreck. It’s always kind of bothered me since.”

That is such a common thing to hear here.

What can you do to prevent this long-lasting chronic pain?

  1. The first thing you can do is to stay mobile, ROM is vital. Movement helps us to heal faster. The newest recommendations tell us that the sooner patients get back to their regular daily routine, the better the outcome. Those sitting at the house nursing a sore back tend to heal slower and heal less overall. So, movement is key. That means spinal manipulative therapy with your chiropractor can be a vital part of avoiding chronic pain after a car wreck.
  2. Movement on the segmental level all the way up to movement on a global level. That means exercise rehab can make a huge difference in the recovery as well. Maybe not in the first week or the first three weeks. It depends on the severity of injury, obviously. Sometimes, we need a bit of time to recover before we get moving too much.

Speaking of recovering, If you don’t show some solid progress and healing in the first 7 days after a car wreck, more investigation is necessary. It can take a fracture in a bone up to 7 days before you can see it on an x-ray. That’s scary when you consider many people have x-rays on the same day of the wreck.

Obvious breaks will show up there but less obvious, more subtle issues can be hidden for up to a week. That’s important to note.

More than anything, you need to know that we’re here to help you if you need us. If you’ve been in a car wreck and hurt or just want to get checked out, you need someone trained in spinal issues and educated in whiplash treatment. As a chiropractor in Amarillo for over 20 years now, I’ve been recognized in district court as an expert in whiplash, have the advanced certification in whiplash biomechanics and traumatology, and specialize in orthopedic testing and treatment.

Call us here at Creek Stone Integrated Care at (806) 355-3000 and let us help. Experience matters and the right choice can change everything.