Amarillo Chiropractic Clinic Discussing How Chiropractic Is Beneficial To Athletes.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I have seen tidbits here and there on the news or on the internet about professional athletes and Olympic athletes being treated by chiropractors. What do they know that you may not know?

The first thing to know is that their being treated by chiropractors is far more common than you may imagine. Athletes have long known that regular chiropractic care is their key to enhancing their performance as well as a way to achieve quicker recovery from injuries.

Doctors don’t usually carry on about all of the different cases and types of patients they treat. Just as patient’s usually don’t carry on about their healthcare. That is most likely why you may not be aware of the large numbers of athletes utilizing chiropractic care on a regular basis.

Consider for a moment a football player. A football player will experience smaller, but potentially explosive, collisions every couple of minutes. Every day. Also consider that your vertebrae can potentially “jam” from something as simple as bending over to pick up a penny. It is easy to see how a football player would most definitely be in need of a chiropractor. Now, consider a sport as seemingly benign as golf. You may wonder how a golfer can benefit from chiropractic. Think about the fact that they put their bodies in weirdly twisted positions. They generate a large amount of torque through their trunk. They are also in a bent over position 100 times or more over a period lasting hours. Why wouldn’t a golfer benefit from chiropractic? We are able to get vertebrae freed up and moving in an overall more efficient manner. Not to mention the therapy we perform on sore and achey joints and muscles. All combined, it is much more difficult to sprain/strain your back and neck if you’re freed up!

Also the use of a heel lift can be beneficial for sports requiring optimal balance for peak performance. Heel lifts can also be useful in preventing or alleviating nagging and chronic back pain that is exacerbated through playing sports. Although an x-ray would be needed to assess whether or not a heel lift (and how thick of a heel lift) would be beneficial.

My examples here are golf and football but that is in no way an all-inclusive list! I honestly cannot think of a sport that does not benefit from regular chiropractic care. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, track & field, softball, bowling, swimming, racing….you name it! And, being an Amarillo chiropractor in an Amarillo chiropractic clinic, we are lucky that the rodeo crowd desperately needs chiropractic too.