Amarillo Chiropractic Clinic Discussing Medical Treatment vs. Chiropractic Treatment

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

“Comparison of Medical Treatment to Chiropractic Treatment: Another major study confirms the much greater effectiveness of chiropractic care when compared to medical care for the treatment of acute low back pain.

With the publication of the Chiropractic Hospital-based Interventions Research Outcomes (CHIRO) Study in The Spine Journal, one of the most frequently cited spine research journals in the world, the health care community at large may finally appreciate what the chiropractic profession has known for more than a century: Patients with acute mechanical low back pain enjoy significant improvement with chiropractic care, but little to no improvement with the usual care they receive from a family physician.

Published in the December 2010 edition of The Spine Journal the study found that after 16 weeks of care, patients referred to medical doctors saw almost no improvement in their disability scores, were likely to still be taking pain drugs and saw no benefit with added physical therapy – and yet were unlikely to be referred to a doctor of chiropractic. (FromDynamic Chiropractic, March 12, 2011.)
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This was kindly borrowed from Albert Wolyniec, D.C. and his paper titled Medical Research: Chiropractic Is Most Effective.

So, the question is, if you are not currently a “believer” in chiropractic, then why would you start now? I guess the starting place is to say, “We’re not a church! There is nothing to believe in or disbelieve!” OK, now I feel better. Sorry.

Anyway, there are plenty of studies similar to the one above. I will be sharing them in future posts here on my blog. It is simple for me. I see it all the time. I have patients come to me with headaches, acute low back pain, herniated discs, mid back pain, inability to turn their heads, etc. Many of these cases have exhausted all of the other means of treatment that they knew to explore. Simply put: I was their last resort. There is no greater pleasure than to take what you have been taught and then to be able to use it to help others. In 90% of the “last resort” cases, we have been able to turn their lives around. I have some patients that will profess that we are responsible for saving their lives. They were in such pain that any prospect of activity or exercise was off of the table completely. Once we helped them start to feel better, it was like a light switch came on and they were able to re-join their lives. Not to mention “enjoy” their lives!

Everyone wants to make a living at their profession but I honestly never became a chiropractor to get rich. Which is a good thing! : )

I became a chiropractor in an Amarillo chiropractic clinic because I’m not a blood and guts type of guy but I wanted to be able to help people. My job can be so rewarding on a day to day basis. That is one of the reasons that it just drives me crazy when people think all chiropractors are weird or bad.

Find yourself a good musculoskeletal chiropractor and just go!!