Amarillo Chiropractor – Pinched Nerves

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Do you have a pinched nerve?

A lot of folks are aware of the term “pinched nerve.” They know that it indicates pain. But what else could be the result? Numbness, a shooting pain, or maybe a heat sensation. It is estimated, though, that a pinched nerve is only accountable for 10-15% of spine-related problems.

It is more common to find that pain is resulting from nerve tissues that are irritated by the rubbing, stretching, or scraping of malfunctioning spinal joints. These malfunctions can be caused by many events including traumatic injury, less than perfect posture, repetitive use, etc…

If two vertebrae get “stuck” or fixated on each other, a person can potentially have pressure placed on the nerve in that immediate segment. As discussed above, the problem may manifest itself through a burning, shooting, or numbing sensation. More commonly, people will not feel it at all. Think about putting a rubber band on a finger. The end of the finger will not hurt. It is not going to fall off. But, the color of the end of the finger is changing because the blood flow is not getting there the way it is meant to. And, if the rubber band were to be left in place, the end of the finger would eventually begin to be affected. This is an effective metaphor concerning nerves. We want to make sure there are no reasons for nerves to be irritated or stay irritated over an amount of time.

A body is meant to take care of itself and chiropractors want to make sure that it is able to do just that.