Amarillo Chiropractor Talks About Safety Of Chiropractic Treatment

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

There are very few professions in the healthcare field that provide you with the level of safety that chiropractic provides you. Just think about all of the stories you hear about surgeries that went wrong or were failures. Think about the money and the recovery time invested in those surgeries. What about drug interactions, overdoses, or mistreatment? It is simply rare to hear of any serious problems that resulted from visiting the chiropractor.

It’s very common for me to talk to someone at a restaurant and for them to mention something about how they know a person that a chiropractor hurt. In almost every instance, if you really dig, you will find out that the person that got hurt was someone that their brother’s mother’s monkey’s uncle had heard a rumor about. And, whatever actually happened grew like a “fish story.”

The public is mostly unaware of the extent we chiropractors go to be a Doctor of Chiropractic. We are trained for years to perform adjustments safely. We must pass four parts of the National Board Examination and then must pass our own state test to actually get our licenses. I swear….they were so difficult that I broke into hives during Part III. It was ridiculous. Also take into account the time and money that most chiropractors spend building trust in their patients and in their community. That is certainly not something that a chiropractor is in any hurry to throw away and it is certainly not something that chiropractors take lightly.

We are led by the patient’s case history and by their initial exam. Each person is different and distinct so different considerations must be taken into account for each patient. A good, conservative approach like this is safe and very effective. And, depending on your condition, you have a good chance of avoiding surgery or medication all together. It’s always better to make it through life as naturally as possible. That in no way implies that we don’t ever need medication. But, chiropractic has been very effective in reducing or eliminating the need for medication in certain conditions.

Give it a try today. Call us and let us get you back on the road to a healthier, pain free life. Feel better. Get more done!