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Monday, May 16th, 2011

Why A Regular Schedule Makes Sense To Us.

I ask you, “What could be better than being an Amarillo chiropractor in Texas?” Especially our part of Texas!

I get to help some of the world’s best, nicest, and hardest working people. I should know about people of the Panhandle area. My family moved to this area in the 1930’s. My father’s maternal grandfather was a laborer and traveling preacher. My father’s paternal grandfather was a blacksmith and deputy sheriff in Estelline, TX. Both of my mother’s grandfathers were hard working farmers in and around Pampa, TX and Clovis, NM back before the equipment did a lot of the work for itself. I was raised in Perryton, TX and still live in this area where there is not a tree to be seen unless someone planted it. I’ve lived in Dallas and Louisiana but family and home always call don’t they? We moved back here in 1998 to make our life, to raise our family, and to eventually be an Amarillo chiropractor. You could sure say that I know plenty about the people of our area. I know enough to tell you that the average person of our area should be going to a chiropractor on some sort of a regular basis. We do things every day from picking up boxes to getting in and out of vehicles. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have caused a problem every time you do those things, but it’s an example of how easy it is to begin a problem that can grow over time. Throw into the mix; I know people that work at Walmart stocking goods, people that work at Home Depot, people that are cowboys in feed yards, people that farm, and people that work in the oil fields. What is the perfect schedule? Once a month is perfect but not necessarily realistic for everyone. Finances may prevent the schedule. Time off of work may prevent it. I would say though, that 4 times a year would be the minimum I would recommend. It is something regular and something is almost always better than nothing. It’s realistic and it’s “do-able” for most people. Look at it as being comparable to going to the dental hygienist. You do not go because you have a cavity. You are going so you can prevent cavities.  It is sort of the same concept. You are going to the chiropractor on a schedule in order to prevent or lessen spinal arthritis, to increase or maintain your range of motion, to keep your vertebral disks as healthy as you can, and to keep your overall wellness in check. I can truly tell you that the majority of patients that maintain some sort of a regular schedule would never go back to sporadic visits. They go to bed feeling better and they wake up feeling better. That’s a good return for minimal effort!

Give it a try. Call us at 806-355-3000 and we can usually get you set up for an appointment on the same day!

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor