Best Chiropractor in Amarillo

Monday, September 10th, 2018

No, we are not claiming that our office has the best chiropractor in Amarillo. However, we would like to take a minute to describe all we do here at Creek Stone Integrated Care to get better and better every day, month, and year, striving toward being known as Best Chiropractor in Amarillo, TX.

We think it’s all of the little things that matter.

Isn’t that how it normally is? The little things done right and done consistently can add up to a really big deal. Here are some examples of what we mean when we say “the little things.”


If we are ever going to be considered the best chiropractor in Amarillo, TX, then it starts with the relationships we have with our patients. This is #1 for us and we take is seriously. Our goal is for our patients to feel at home, feel comfortable, feel confident in our training, and feel at ease. It’s understandable that patients may not always feel amazing after every visit. After all, healing typically takes time. For this reason, it is not always of utmost importance a patient leaves feeling 100% better. What IS important is that our patients leave our office happy with their experience at Creek Stone and ready to go tell everyone they know that they think our office has the best chiropractor in Amarillo, TX. Patient satisfaction and patient relationships are the building blocks of our office.


If we strive everyday to be the best chiropractor in Amarillo, then we had better be getting great results. It is this very reason that Dr. Williams attends so many continuing education hours each year. Chiropractors are required to receive 16 hours of continuing education every year. Dr. Williams attends 50+ hours of continuing education through an average year. He is constantly striving for more and more knowledge and training. It shows in the results we get at Creek Stone Integrated Care. While some chiropractors are looking to see a patient 40-50 times per year, it is our goal to see how few appointments we can solve a patient’s problem. If we could fix everyone in 1 visit, we would do it, but it usually takes between 5-10 visits depending on the problem.

Research & Guidelines

Not only does Dr. Williams base everything we do at Creek Stone on evidence and current research, Dr. Williams also teaches other chiropractors about the evidence and research by creating, writing, producing, and hosting The Chiropractic Forward Podcast every single week. Dr. Williams has been writing about research papers for over a decade and has even authored a yet-to-be-published book titled “The Truth About Chiropractic: A Unique Journey Into The Research.” With our protocols and treatment techniques being based firmly in what research has shown to be effective, we think we can make a good argument toward being the best chiropractor in Amarillo.

Giving Back

Not everything that is important about a business happens within the walls of the office itself. Dr Williams thinks that part of striving to be the best chiropractor in Amarillo also lies in what we can do to give back to our community. Dr. Williams has tried to do so in two ways. The first way is giving back 10% to charitable causes and faith-based groups here in the Amarillo area. We have consistently given 10% of all profits back to our community and are happy to do so. The second way we give back is through a philanthropic group Dr. Williams started here locally called 100 Men Who Give A Damn where men (AND WOMEN) come together 4 times per year to donate funds toward local small to mid-sized charities. We are here for more than just making a living. We are here to make the place better than we found it.

Being Patient-Centered

There are some healthcare offices that are clearly doctor-centered in the way they go about their business. One such hint that an office is doctor-centered is when they want to see their patients 40-50 times. It simply, in the majority of cases, does not take that long to resolve a condition. Those offices are typically attempting to “hit numbers” and certain goals. That in no way means they don’t care about their patients. But, sometimes, hitting numbers takes precedence. Alternatively, a Patient-centered office like Creek Stone Integrated Care makes sure they are following accepted treatment guidelines without attention to hitting numbers and striving for collections goals, etc. Basically, a patient-centered office does what is best for the patient, not what is best for the doctor.


Another aspect of trying to achieve the title Best Chiropractor in Amarillo is being seasoned and experienced. Knowing what one knows after 20 years in practice versus what was known in the first few years is basically night and day. There are so many things that can only be learned through experiencing them and simply cannot be taught in a class. It’s common sense. If a doctor is always learning and improving like Dr. Williams has over his 20+ year career, you can bet that the results are going to speak for themselves.

We could go on and on about all of the tiny things that go into making an office great or what makes our patient interactions great. However, these are the mainstays for us. What it boils down to for Dr. Jeff Williams and Creek Stone Integrated Care is this: if we are treating our patients like we would treat our brothers, sisters, moms, and dads, then we are ALWAYS going to be doing the right thing by them. And when you treat people right, the money and business growth just takes care of itself.

These are the things that we hope puts us into consideration for the title Best Chiropractor In Amarillo, TX! If we can help you, call us at 806-355-3000 and we can get you set up.

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