Are Chiropractors Greedy And Expensive?

Chiropractor in Amarillo TX, Dr. Jeff Williams, talks through it

One of the misperceptions I hear from time to time is that chiropractors are greedy or that they just want to see how many times they can get a patient in and out of their doors based purely on financial gain. Let’s not beat around the bush here: there most certainly are opportunists in EVERY profession in the world.

In my experience, chiropractic is no exception.  

However, in general, people are good by nature and, once again, chiropractors are no exception there either. Truly, the vast majority of chiropractors went into business to help people. No other reason. Just to help. 

Before we dive into the research here, ask yourself a simple question, “If my primary sent me to a physical therapist, would they just see me once and then tell me to call if it keeps bothering me?” If you’ve had any experience with a physical therapist, you already know the answer to that question. Of course not! You’ll be treated on a steady and consistent basis for a specific amount of time because any change in the body, or substantial healing, take time and consistency. In addition, building any significant durability to avoid future worsening of the original injury or complaint is something that takes work. This is mostly common sense. With that being said, let’s dive in. The Manga Report is an old chiropractic stand-by. This report has been around for some time now. Since 1993 to be exact. 

Why They Did It

To assess the effectiveness in terms of physical recovery or pain alleviation as well as the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic in regards to treating low back pain. 

How They Did It

The Ontario Ministry of Health-commissioned study was a comprehensive review of all of the published literature on low back pain. 

What They Found

It’s astounding actually, Ready for this?·     

  • They found an overwhelming amount of evidence showing the effectiveness of chiropractic in regards to the treatment of low back pain and complaint.·     
  • They also found that it is more cost-effective than traditional medical treatment and management.·     
  • Found that many of the traditional medical therapies used in low back pain are considered questionable and, although some are very safe, some can lead to other problems being suffered by the patient.·     
  • There are no case-controlled studies that even hint or suggest that chiropractic is not safe for the treatment of low back pain.
  • They showed that chiropractic is clearly more cost-effective and that there would be highly significant savings if more low back pain management was controlled by chiropractors rather than the medical physicians.·     
  • The study stated that chiropractic services should be fully insured.·     
  • The study stated that chiropractic services should be fully integrated into the overall healthcare system due to the high cost of low back pain and the cost-effectiveness and physical effectiveness of chiropractic.·     
  • They also stated that a good case could be made for making chiropractors the entry point into the healthcare system for musculoskeletal complaints that presented to hospitals. 

Wrap It Up

Chiropractic should be the treatment of choice for low back pain, even excluding traditional medical care altogether




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