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Chiropractic Treats Pain From Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is, of course, a life-changing experience. However, different changes may occur in your body beyond the amazing ability to grow a human being. As so many mommies know, your body experiences changes in hormonal levels. The increase in hormones, weight gain, and abdomen stretching can make this beautiful pregnancy experience less than enjoyable for many. For some women, the abdomen growth is far more than they could have imagined. Pregnancy-induced pain is a real thing. Let’s discuss some of the common overall pains associated with pregnancy and highlight the ways chiropractors can help in treating pregnancy-induced pain.

Pregnancy pain experienced in the lower body·     

  • Lower back pains

During pregnancy, as mentioned, the abdomen experiences growth, and the back muscles struggle to sustain and support the extra weight. As a result, pregnant women may develop lower back pain due to additional pressure on the back muscles. Lower back pain during pregnancy may also be attributed to hormones responsible for the loosening of ligaments in preparation for birth. Altering your normal gait and differing sleeping positions may contribute to back pain as well. ·     

  • Pelvis and Hip Pain

Progesterone is also responsible for pelvis and hip pain during pregnancy. Progesterone promotes the loosening of ligaments and allows the free movement of the baby through the birth canal. Relaxed ligaments allow a loosening of connective tissues in the hips and pelvis, which may cause some of the pregnancy-induced pain.

Pregnancy pain experienced in the upper body·     

  • Abdominal Pain

The expansion of the abdomen is the most obvious issue caused by pregnancy that you’d reasonably expect to cause pain, discomfort, and stress for the mother-to-be. As mentioned previously, a rapidly expanding body places stress on postural muscles and connective tissues. At some point in the pregnancy, for most, this will absolutely come to a boiling point and manifest in some sort of pain. ·     

  • Sciatic Pain

An increase in pressure around the sciatic nerve in the buttocks region may cause pain during pregnancy. Sciatic pain may also develop when you sit for too long in a particular position.

Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy-induced pain

Amarillo chiropractors are trained professionals who can help you get relief from the pregnancy-induced pain listed above in the following ways.·     

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustment techniques are beneficial in relieving low back pain associated with pregnancy. Spinal manipulative therapy acts as a natural analgesic, much like ibuprofen and/or Tylenol. It helps the body move and function a little better and can also increase blood flow. ·     

  • Therapeutic massage

Chiropractors in Amarillo offer therapeutic massage to pregnant women. Prenatal massage helps in reducing back pain, improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, and alleviating stress and anxiety.·     

  • Exercise for pregnant women

Chiropractors offer professional advice to pregnant women on the importance of exercise during childbirth. Targeted exercises help to reduce the risk of back pain and excess weight gain. It also helps in strengthening the muscles.  ·     

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture may help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as calm any significant ongoing pain in our mommy-to-be patients.

These are just some of the ways we can help but we are indeed here to help. We have treated the mommy to be of twins more than once. They swear they would have never survived without chiropractic care to keep the pain and discomfort at a minimum. 

Pregnancy, while a beautiful time in one's life, can also be a challenging, painful, and stressful time. Chiropractors can absolutely make it more enjoyable. The way it was supposed to be experienced. 


Dr. Jeff Williams, DC, FIANM is a Fellowship-trained Neuromusculoskeletal specialist and chiropractor in Amarillo, TX. As an Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Williams treats chronic pain, disc pain, low back pain, neck pain, whiplash injuries, and more. Dr. Williams is also the host of The Chiropractic Forward Podcast. Through the podcast, Dr. Williams teaches fellow chiropractors and advocates weekly for evidence-based, patient-centered practice through current and relevant research. If you have any questions for Dr. Williams, feel free to email at [email protected]

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