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Dr. Jeff Williams, Amarillo Chiropractor, Becomes An Author!

Chiropractor in Amarillo pens best seller

What a ride! My first book called 'The Remarkable Truth About Chiropractic: A Unique Journey Into The Research' launched recently on Tuesday, June 8th. Which is a day I'm probably going to remember forever. Not only did I officially become the author of a book on that day, but I also became the author of a best-selling book in a couple of categories. The book was recognized as #1 in both the Research/Education and the Chiropractic categories. 

As of today, it's still rated #1 New Best Seller as of June 15th!

Be sure to go check out 'The Remarkable Truth About Chiropractic' at the link:


Now, why would you want this book? Well, This book can be used in several different ways. The primary utility is that of education. There are so many misunderstandings, myths, and outright lies about chiropractors floating around out there. That is why is named the way it is named. There is a truth about chiropractic that is not being told the way it needs to be told.

Part of the reason I wrote this book was so that there was an advocate, a record on the books if you will, that better defines the profession of chiropractic, dispels myths about the profession and its practitioners, and educates readers on the capabilities and possibilities for future patient care when chiropractors are made a regular part of a healthcare team. It is my hope that curious patients will choose to use the book as a tool to educate themselves further. This book can help you know what kind of chiropractor you want to be seen by. It can help you understand when you’re getting the correct recommendations from your chiropractor or when you might start looking for a different chiropractor.

While that’s incredibly useful for patients, My main hope for this book is for it to be adopted as a resource for other chiropractors and healthcare practitioners. Not only to educate themselves on current thinking in the research literature but also as a quick reference when engaging in patient education, the education of colleagues, or things of that nature.

For example, if a practitioner had a presentation to give to either colleagues or potential patients and they needed effective research on the topic, they would simply flip to the section of the book on that topic and be able to find what they're looking for quickly and easily without having to resort to searching on PubMed for an hour or more trying to find something. 

It's a reference on chiropractic effectiveness based on research and evidence-based literature. It's a time-saver for practitioners in the field. 

So far, we're off to an amazing start. It has all been due to an effective Launch Team that helped us get the ball rolling on this project. The Launch Team stretches across the globe and encompasses members from as far away as Australia. With the help of the Launch Team, my formatter,  and Dr. Chris Howson's editing abilities, I was able to finally get this book across the finish line. There is a reason people don't just write books and pop them out into the world. The writing process is lengthy and the self-publishing process is....well....a process!

Altogether, it took roughly 7 years to get this project published. This is due to a few reasons but mostly due to a fear of the unknown. It's hard to take that leap. It's hard to learn new stuff and figure out how to navigate the waters that make up the world of self-publishing. So the can gets kicked down the road and then gets kicked a little further down the road. 

Now, the sea has been crossed. Now I know how it works so the other book ideas I've had kicking around my head are much more of a reality and possibility than the first one was. This is exciting because I definitely have more kicking around in my noggin just waiting to get out. 

Stay tuned. 

For now, though, I hope you'll consider picking up a copy for yourself and maybe even share the link above with your friends and family that you feel might have some interest. 

I appreciate all of the good words, the support, and the excitement many of you have shared with me surrounding this book launch. It’s truly been exciting and an honor to have folks buy and value something I created for them. If you’ve purchased it or plan to, I thank you, and please know that I’m grateful. 
Jeff Williams, DC, FIANM

Jeff Williams, DC, FIANM


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