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How Does Medical Care and Chiropractic Care Stack Up For Low Back Pain?

Dr. Jeff Williams, chiropractic orthopedic specialist in Amarillo, TX talks about chiropractic care and low back pain


Low back is one of the biggest issues that is seen in physical medicine and primary care clinics. There have been questions as to the effectiveness of Mechanical-Assisted Manipulation when compared to regular Manual-Thrust Manipulation as well as to the effectiveness of manipulation compared to Usual Medical Care.  

Why They Did It

The authors in this study wanted to find out what the effectiveness was of the following treatment protocols:

1.   Manual-thrust manipulation (MTM) vs. mechanical-assisted manipulation (MAM), and

2.   Manual-thrust manipulation (MTM) vs. usual medical care (UMC) 


How They Did It·     

107 adults with low back pain within 12 weeks·     

Randomized the treatment groups into MTM, MAM, or UMC·     

Measured outcomes with Oswestry Low Back Pain Questionnaire and the Numeric Pain Rating scale·     

Patients in the manipulation groups were treated 2x/week for 4 weeks·     

Patients in the UMC group were treated 3 times during the same time period. ·     

Outcome measurements were performed at the start, 4 weeks in, 3 months in, and then 6 months in.  


What They Found·     

There was a statistically significant advantage of Manual-Thrust Manipulation at 4 weeks compare with MAM and UMC. ·     

Similar results were found in regards to statistically significant pain reduction in across the groups. Manual-Thrust Manipulation won the day.  


Wrap It Up

Manual-Thrust Manipulation (a.k.a. – CHIROPRACTIC) shows statistically significant effectiveness short-term in self-reported Outcome Assessments when compared to Usual Medical Care and Mechanical Assisted Manipulation

  • Schneider M, Comparison of spinal manipulation methods and usual medical care for acute and subacute low back pain: a randomized clinical trial. Spine, 2015. Feb 15; 40(4): p. 209-217.



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