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How To Treat Chronic Pain With  Acupuncture In Amarillo, TX

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Acupuncture is a treatment practice that involves gently penetrating the skin with thin needles at strategic points in the body. While that may sound like a nightmare to some, you literally do not feel any of the needles for the most part. Acupuncture, as a treatment method, has its roots in ancient China, where it was, and is, used as a healing therapy. Recently, thanks to research, acupuncture has been gaining significantly in popularity and utilization. Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in treating health-related conditions. One of those conditions we address in this article is acupuncture's effectiveness in treating chronic pain.

A licensed acupuncturist goes to four years of school learning all aspects of Easter Medicine. A chiropractor can also perform chiropractic acupuncture which is acupuncture only performed by a chiropractor that has completed chiropractic school but then goes to extra learning to gain certification to perform acupuncture procedures. 


The Acupuncture Process

Before the acupuncture treatment process begins, there is a need for your health history to be taken by the acupuncturist. After taking your medical history, physical examinations are carried out on the patient to ascertain the physical health state. The purpose of carrying out these assessments is to determine the appropriate treatment plan that is suitable for treating various health conditions.

The acupuncture process begins with the patient comfortably lying on a treatment table. Specific points, also referred to as acupoints, are located at different areas of your body and penetrated with thin sterilized needles. So thin that the patient doesn't even realize they are there.

Stimulation of the acupoints is carried out manually. Again, most feel little or no discomfort during the insertion of the needles. The process must be carried out by a skilled professional. Amarillo chiropractors and Amarillo acupuncturists are experienced in the art of acupuncture treatment on their patients for muscle relaxation and to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. The retention time of the needles on the skin is between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on the patient, the acupuncturist, and the treatment plan.


The Science Of Acupuncture In Relieving Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is said to work in connection with your body’s neurohormonal pathways. The needles which are placed on specific points of the body help in nerves, connective tissues, and muscle stimulation.  The brain receives signals from the nerves, which aids the release of neural hormones like beta-endorphins. These neural hormones create a euphoric or happy feeling, which helps to increase the pain threshold and eventually reduces the feeling of pain. Other scientific research suggests that acupuncture helps to reduce pro-inflammatory markers such as IL-1β and TNF in the body, which leads to a reduction of inflammation and pain. 

While some of that is beyond the normal healthcare consumer's comprehension, one certain thing is that it is nice to have excellent research backing acupuncture's and acupuncturists' treatment effectiveness if we happen to be suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain is a beast so the more effective treatments we can identify, the better!


Ways Acupuncture Contribute To Relieving Chronic Pain

Chiropractors in Amarillo understand the benefits of acupuncture in treating chronic pain. Hence they have integrated the use of acupuncture with other chiropractic treatments in treating health conditions associated with chronic pain, muscle weakness, and other musculoskeletal defects.


The Ways Amarillo Acupuncture Helps With Chronic Pain 

  • Reducing headaches and migraines

Acupuncture may aid in the treatment of severe headaches and migraines by creating a relaxed sensation in the nerves. The brain acts on the signal sent by nerves to relieve tension and reduce chronic pain resulting from migraines. ·     

  • Treatment of arthritis

Chronic pain may develop as a result of arthritis. However, with the use of acupuncture, blood circulation to the different parts of the body is enhanced. Muscles, spines, and joints become more healthy and stronger to withstand stress and pressure. Stronger muscles and healthy joints reduce arthritis-related chronic pain. ·     

  • Eliminates other forms of chronic pain 

Individuals may develop chronic pain as a result of neck pain, low back pain, muscle pain, tennis elbow, etc. Acupuncture helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates the nerves to relieve tension and stress. When your body is less stressed, there may also be a reduction in pain, and the recovery process is enhanced. 


The first steps to getting out of chronic pain are to start taking steps. The American College of Physicians says for chronic back pain, patients should try chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, exercise, cognitive behavioral therapy, and low-level laser just to name a few. The ACP says these things should be the first-line treatment therapies. Before any other treatment is tried including pills, shots, and surgery. 

It can be a little like turning around an aircraft carrier but, with patience, commitment, and consistency, it can happen and you can turn your life around for the better. 

Here at Creek Stone Integrated Care in Amarillo, TX, we offer all of those services and are happy to have you as a patient. Get started by calling 806-355-3000 right now to get you on the schedule. 



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