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Stay healthy from the start with IV Therapy from Creek Stone Integrated Medical

IV Infusion Therapy is preventative and wellness care that puts control of a person's healthcare in the patient's hands. Rather than strictly relying on their healthcare provider. IV Infusion Therapy is the best way to experience the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The in-clinic IV Infusion is an effective method of administering nutrients and medications to the body because the infusion bypasses the system by going straight to the bloodstream. IV Infusion Therapy is the most effective medication administration method and the most beneficial for specific ailments such as Boosting immunity, energy, and concentration - Increased endurance, strength, and stamina - Improved concentration and alertness - Reduced stress and anxiety. 

Who can benefit from IV Infusion Therapy?

Really, just about anyone can benefit. Definitely, those that suffer from dehydration. Patients that have a compromised immune system. Patients that are needing to perform at a specific level physically such as dancers, athletes, and runners. There is even a Focus blend and a Brain Function blend for those that need to learn, study, and perform mentally and academically.  In addition, IV infusion therapy can be used if you're feeling run down and need more energy or if you just need to detox. IV infusion therapy is your answer. 

One of the most interesting IV infusion packages is called NAD+, which is an anti-aging infusion I did an entire blog and article on about a month ago.  It is based on the concept of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is one of the building blocks of ATP. To start off, the NAD+ IV infusion is not a drug, but a naturally occurring molecule that is part of the human body. So it is not a drug. It is a supplement of sorts. It is a key ingredient in producing energy in the cells. As we get older, we start to produce less and less. NAD+ is an effective way to turn that around. I explain the anti-aging benefits of NAD+ in detail in the dedicated article I mentioned. That article can be found at this link. https://www.amarillochiropractor.com/blog/nad-iv-therapy-in-amarillo-tx

IV Infusion Therapy can be done by the patient throughout the month, each and every month. In fact, we actually have IV Membership programs that can help our members save money while getting the treatments they choose. 

Not everyone needs IV Infusion. Let's be honest. Some people are healthier than horses. But some patients, and we all see and know them, are chronically run down and tired. They're chronically dehydrated and need a little pep in their step. Some just need that extra umpf to make it happen day to day and to give their overall health more of an advantage. 

That's the PERFECT patient for IV Infusion Therapy.

Call 806-355-3000 to earn more about our IV MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM or to just get started with your first Creek Stone Integrated Medical IV Infusion today. 


Our menu of IV Infusion services includes:

Hydrate IV Infusion $79

IV Drip designed for basic hydration, IV Fluids


Focus IV Infusion $99

Helps to increase mental clarity and provide nutrients to support the brain and nervous system

Vitamin complex, Amino B-12


Immunity IV Infusion $99

Aids in the recovery from cold or flu, maintains energy, immunity, and hydration

Vitamin C, Vitamin Complex, Zinc


Myer’s Cocktail IV Infusion $99

Boosts energy and makes up for the nutritional deficiencies

Vitamin C, B-Complex, Magnesium


Brain Health IV Infusion $99

Supports overall brain function, memory recall, focus and sharpness

Folic Acid, B-12, Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid


Beauty IV Infusion             $119

Improves hair, skin and nails, can reduce wrinkles and quench tired skin

Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin


Gut Health IV Infusion   $129

Minimizes abdominal discomfort and bloating 

B-Complex, Calcium, Hydroxyl, B-12, Magnesium


Rejuvenate IV Infusion $129

Rehydrates and detoxifies, great for every system of the body

Vitamin C, Vitamin Complex, Mineral Blend


Detox IV Infusion       $129

Helps to boost metabolism and energy, encourages, appetite suppression

Vitamin C, Vitamin Complex, Mineral Blend, Amino B-12


Perform IV Infusion       $129

Aids endurance, stamina, and acceleration of muscle recovery

Amino B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin Complex, Mineral Blend,


Hair Of The Dog IV Infusion $159*

Addresses headaches, nausea, and dehydration

Get Up & Go, Toradol, Pantoprazole, Zofran


Anti-Aging NAD+ IV Infusion $250*

Cutting edge anti-aging that may help reverse DNA damage, promote healthy cellular aging, enhance memory, reduce inflammation, and increase energy

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide



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