Mom - Would You Like To Feel Better And Have More Energy?

12 Ways To Make Mom Happy

Less pain and more energy; isn't that the goal for everyone? Of course, it is! But how can we accomplish this state of feeling better and getting more done with more energy when we are so bombarded daily with life and, let's be honest, Father Time. 

Many times, I ask my patients what they do for a living. The common answer from some moms is, "Oh I don't work. I just stay home and take care of the kids." Whoa, whoa, whoa.... I let them know that I've seen their job and it's not a job I could do myself. It's most definitely work. And it is. Being a Mom is tough and without anything else piled up on top, it can be rewarding but can also be draining and tiresome. 

Life comes in waves with its peaks and valleys but at some point, usually around middle age, we are getting piled up on with bills, money concerns, job security or lack of, teenagers and their baggage, the pet needs to go to the vet, the school called, the husband's boss has been acting funny, gas prices are too high, my sister wants me to come to visit, and what am I going to get by mom and dad for their anniversary? Sometimes, it's all of that and more. One thing is for sure; not all days are created equally. 

Then throw a global pandemic into the mix and wow - life gets complicated, stressful, full of anxiety, and worry. 

These things have a way of making a Mom tired and we know anxiety, stress, and worry are key culprits in deepening and worsening chronic pain. So, let's start there. What does research tell us about treating chronic pain? And then we will discuss boosting energy levels. 

6 Ways of Addressing Chronic Pain

  1. Sleep - Sleep has been shown to be one of the best pain (and anxiety) relievers in the world and it's free. The benchmark is 8 hours but a recent research project showed that those increasing their sleep time from 6.5 hours per night on average to 8.5 hours per night had significant reductions in pain, depression, anxiety, and everything that goes with it all. That's pretty big! 
  2. Move - Our natural thoughts when we hurt are to be still and protect ourselves from more pain. The reality is that movement is healing and motion is the lotion for our joints. When you back away from activities, you start deconditioning almost immediately. So, rather than protecting ourselves, we should be leaning into the pain and activity while understanding the difference between HURT and HARM. Hurt rarely means Harm so get moving. If it feels harmful, dial it back a bit but being sedentary is NOT an option. 
  3. American College of Physicians' first-line recommendations for acute and chronic low back pain are as follows: Spinal Manipulative Therapy, Exercise-Rehabilitation, Massage, Acupuncture, Low-Level Laser, Low-Grade Medication if desired, Yoga, Tai Chi, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more. 
  4. Trigger Point Injections - Our Nurse Practitioner can find the sore, knotted muscles and get them to settle down, and release them with trigger point injections. NO, IT DOESN'T HURT! We use numbing cream and most don't feel a thing. Except for less pain, of course. 
  5. Joint Pain - joint pain can be helped with PRP injections. A series of three over the course of three weeks has been shown to beat cortisone and hyaluronic acid injections in randomized controlled trials. AND - PRP doesn't tear up the joints as cortisone does. 
  6. Pain Education - In the case of chronic, long-lasting pain, Pain Education is vital because the first step to treating chronic pain is to understand it. This part cannot be overstated. to beat chronic pain, patients must play an active part and do some work on their own to understand it and learn to turn the dial down on their own, at home. We can help with that. 

Of those modalities to treat back pain, here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical, we offer 6 of them. Right here under one roof. 

Alright, now that we have solved your chronic pain issues, let's turn our attention to Energy!

6 Ways of Addressing Energy Levels

  1. Lab Tests - understanding why a patient has low energy levels, it makes sense to start with some lab work. Testing patients' blood can tell a medical provider, like our Nurse Practitioner, lots of things about what may be happening. Patients sometimes have simple issues like a vitamin deficiency that can be easily corrected. Sometimes, it's more complicated but addressing them rather than ignoring them can get you on the right path. 
  2. Exercise - Movement and exercise aren't only good for reducing pain, it's excellent for boosting your metabolism and your energy. The more you move, the more you're going to want to move. Confidence, a feeling of health and well-being, and less pain and more energy are only a few of the wealth of benefits patients get from exercise. 
  3. Hormone Balancing - When it comes to being tired, having brain fog, lack of libido and headaches (just to name a few), one of the first things that you can look at to turn things around is hormone replacement and balancing. Our Nurse Practitioner is a medical provider qualified to perform this. Optimizing hormones can be done very simply these days. A simple blood test reveals hormone deficiencies and if needed, a simple 15-minute procedure can optimize a patient's hormones for 3-4 months for females and 6 months for males. Along with some monthly supplements, this literally changes lives. Especially for moms that have gone through a hysterectomy or menopause as well as for older men with low T counts. 
  4. IV Hydration and Vitamin Optimization - IV Therapy is the newest and best treatment available to deliver vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood system effectively and efficiently. YOU get to choose the IV mixes and they can be for brain health, energy boosters, immune system boosters, recovery from illness, just simple re-hydration, or a whole host of other issues. The point is, IV Therapy is a fast and efficient means to treat a lack of energy. 
  5. B12 Shots - If patients are deficient in B12, our Nurse Practitioner can prescribe B12 injections to help boost energy and reduce fatigue. B12 deficiency can lead to lots of issues like difficulty thinking or remembering, fatigue, and much more. 
  6. Weight Loss - This one goes without saying; a patient will gain back their desired energy levels as soon as their bodies are allowed to stop working so hard. When we carry excess weight around all day every day, we wear out faster. Not only in our backs and joints but in our level of energy. Think about it; how would it feel to carry around a 20-40 pound backpack all day, every day? Even sleep with it on. It's exhausting so, we have a tailored, straight from the pharmacy, medical weight loss protocol here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical for our patients that need it. 

So there you have it, Mom. I have given you 12 easy ways to get started on the path to reducing your pain and boosting your energy. Not only for yourself but for your family. Because the saying is well-known for a reason, when mama's happy, everyone's happy. So call us here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical and let's start making mama happy again. 




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