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It's a new year - it's time for a new you!


The Medical Weight Loss Solution in Amarillo, TX  

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even embarrassing when you feel that you can't lose the weight no matter what you try. But what if there was a way to lose weight while reducing the hassle?  Our medical weight loss program at Creek Stone Integrated Medical might be the solution.

Medical weight loss in Amarillo, TX. It really is time for a 'New Year - New Me" attitude and medical weight loss is the way to make it happen. 

There are tons of reasons to care about losing weight and none are more important than that of renewed self-confidence and satisfaction with the way you look, feel, and live. Medical weight loss is the way to get started on this journey. We're here to teach you what to do in order to make it happen so you can have a terrific new year to come. 

2022 is a New Year and a new start for you.

What is medical weight loss exactly? Basically, it is using timeless techniques like watching the number of calories coming in but integrating these proven techniques with the assistance of medicine.  This medicine is usually in the form of three medications formulated by pharmacists to give you that edge to help keep you losing weight. 

Many people who want to lose weight may not want to do it the healthy way. Some want a pill but don't want to be monitoring the calories they're putting in their bodies. It doesn't work that way. That goes for every plan I'm aware of. Everyone wants to walk into a doctor's office, be handed a pill, and that's about all of the efforts they want to put out.  They don't want to have to make any changes to their diets, or lifestyle, or make any effort to maintain the weight loss. I'm sorry to say, but that's not going to happen.

It's important to understand that overweight patients didn't get to their current weight overnight. It will take time and it will take effort. When there is no real effort put in or buy-in on the patient's part, they just don't lose weight. At all. Ever. In fact, many just get bigger. 

But, when we have a good teammate in the patient that is doing their part at home with diet and exercise, this program and medication have been shown to give our patients an advantage in the weight loss game.  

Reasons to Lose Weight

  1. Self-love & Self-confidence - There are few things more exciting to an overweight patient than seeing those first 10 pounds or so begin to melt away and watch that scale move in the right direction every week. Then the feeling of your pants and shirts when they become more loose and comfortable. You get a little pep in your step and you get a lot more excited about life, being active, and valuing yourself and your relationships with your loved ones. I listed this first because I really do think it's the most important. You can't love and help others if you don't learn to love and value yourself first. 
  2. Health - It can be a very useful tool in helping to control type 2 diabetes. Obesity keeps us from being motivated to exercise or play an active role in our lives. Obesity causes tiredness and a lack of energy. That means we aren't able to do the things that keep healthy people healthy. Losing weight can benefit your health in so many ways but the biggest of them are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bone and joint disease. 
  3. Kids and Grandchildren - If patients cannot decide to lose weight and get healthy for themselves, then doing it for the kids and grandkids can make it happen. Everyone wants to be around to see their kids grow up and to take their grandkids to do special things. That's the best motivation I can think of to get and to stay healthy.  
  4. Vacations - obesity can keep us from taking vacations, traveling, and enjoying our lives. Think about it, if we're overweight, we probably have some anxiety about sitting in an airplane seat. Or walking the beach without feeling like you can't breathe. There is the possibility of even the embarrassment of wearing a bathing suit. The truth is, the more anxious we feel about the discomfort of being overweight, the more likely we may be to avoid being active and going places.
  5. Learning to be the captain of your ship - I believe there's incredible value in discovering that you can actually control your destiny. Many times, we feel out of control. like we aren't the ones controlling our own lives. We eat when we're sad. We eat when we're mad. We eat when we're bored. We eat on vacation. We eat to celebrate. Once you learn to take control, you still eat but you learn techniques and you learn to be smart about it. Once you learn that you really are in control of your eating and your weight, it's powerful. 

This list just covers some of the reasons to lose weight now but there are so many excellent reasons, we cannot begin to list them all here. If you take your New Year's resolutions seriously or if you just want to take your health more seriously and get those holiday calories off of you, give us a call at 806-355-3000, and let's get you an appointment set up with our nurse practitioner to see if our medical weight loss program can help you get over the hump. 


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