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What Celebrity Athletes Know About PRP That You Should Know Too

Have you noticed athletes are staying in the game well into their 40’s these days? Platelet-Rich Plasma may be to blame

Just two words; Tom Brady. Yes, the 43-year-old is still competing at the very peak of professional football having won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently. While Brady is the most notable of the older athletes that would have probably been retired had they been playing at this age just ten years ago, he is certainly not the exception anymore. More and more athletes in their twilights have found new life and PRP is playing a part in it. Which begs the question, if PRP is keeping professional athletes in the game, what can it do for the mere mortal that has joint pain?

Let’s talk about it. 

West Coast Orthopedics (1) had this to say about Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, "PRP is the new key to quick and full recovery. We are entering an age when doctors use biologic treatments such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cells to try to reverse the damage these sports take on the bodies of the athletes.”

They add to it by saying, "The great thing about PRP is that this fairly new treatment may help patients avoid surgery altogether. It basically is a method where the knee, shoulder, or ankle can be healed from inside out. The actual process of the treatment does not take long – on average 20 minutes or less….. When platelets are activated in the body, they release healing proteins called growth factors. They have the ability to accelerate tissue repair and improve healing.

Precision Pain Care & Rehabilitation in New York (2) comes right out and says it clearly; “PRP Save Careers.” The Long Island, New York group says, "Kobe Bryant had to run to Germany to get his first PRP treatment. And his success (and his raving about his success) contributed heavily to PRP’s skyrocketing popularity now. In fact, he’s the one who told Alex Rodriguez to get his PRP. Bryant is indeed the first evangelist for PRP in the USA.

Now, researchers have proven the benefits of PRP for a lot of medical conditions including 

Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff injuries,

Chronic Plantar Fasciitis, Hamstring Injuries, Patellar Tendinitis, Knee Arthritis, Hip Arthritis, in addition to its Skin Rejuvenation Properties. In more recent years, scientists have proven its effectiveness in growing thinning hair back. 

They cite other athletes that have utilized PRP including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Alex Rodriguez. Tiger and Alex used PRP to recover from surgery faster and stronger. 

There are suggestions that not can PRP save careers but may also save patients from having to undergo major surgeries such as knee replacement or other potentially life-changing procedures. 

Our Nurse Practitioner at Creek Stone Integrated Medical in Amarillo can heal your joints with platelet-rich plasma. 


How Does PRP Work?

We’ll get a little technical for just a second but I think it is really important to understand why and how it works. Most of your blood is made up of plasma. Your blood also contains a variety of solid components; red and white blood cells and platelets. The red blood cells transport oxygen to keep everything working right. The white blood cells are your immune system’s knights in shining armor. Platelets clot your blood when you’re cut or injured, so you can repair the damage. Platelets are full of multiple growth factors for wound healing, including growth factor and insulin-like growth factor. When our Nurse Practitioner prepares PRP from your blood, they create a platelet-concentrated form of plasma, Then the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the site of your injury. The dense concentration of platelets — about five times the normal concentration — jumpstarts healing so that your body can quickly repair your injury and restore function.


Why Is PRP Better?

The best part about PRP is that it doesn’t tear up your joints as cortisone injections do. Cortisone is the most popular joint injection but the providers will only do a series of three of them because they are detrimental to your joints, cartilage, and even the bones. PRP comes from the patient. There is little to no real risk of a bad outcome and, in randomized controlled trials, PRP shows to be mostly more effective than cortisone for many conditions. It is simply a no-brainer. 


PRP For Hair Loss

I mentioned PRP’s use in reversing hair loss. I am not necessarily one to hold up a Kardashian as an example. But, Kourtney Kardashian used PRP to reverse her hair loss back in 2019 (3) which brought the treatment into the mainstream for hair loss. She went to her plastic surgeon who recommended platelet-rich plasma injections in order to stimulate her hair growth but felt full regrowth would be possible 

Basically, the PRP is injected into the scalp in order to repair damaged hair follicles and encourage fuller, thicker hair growth. PRP can be used for male or female patients that are experiencing pattern baldness and hair loss. While some people are amazed at the results, it is reasonable to expect the hairline a patient had around 5 years prior to undergoing the treatment. 

Female hair loss, it turns out, is actually very common. Common causes are stress from surgery, trauma, illness, weight loss, etc, oral contraceptives, and androgenic alopecia. Autoimmune disorders such as lupus and alopecia areata may also be culprits. Then there is also what is called traction alopecia which is caused by tight ponytails and braids. 

The research is outstanding for PRP for hair loss. It is commonly combined with other hair loss treatments like oral spironolactone, oral finasteride, or topical minoxidil.

Speaking of Tom Brady, there’s even suspicion that he is using PRP to maintain, as they put it, his ‘glorious hairline.'

Rumors aside, the research literature is outstanding showing that PRP is safe for joints and more effective in helping them heal than other options like cortisone and hyaluronic acid. PRP is helping save careers and helping avoid surgery. 

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