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This study was held in the UK in 2011 so the information is recent. The study makes mention of “stratified” primary care management which refers to uses of alternative treatment such as manual therapy. So, if one reads through this paper, it would be appropriate to replace the word “stratified” with alternative treatments or manual therapy. Why Did They Do It?
The authors were well-aware that back pain remains a significant challenge for primary practitioners to treat and manage. They were also aware of the fact that co-management of back pain among primary practitioners and alternative therapies had yet to tested by them. How They Did It.

Here’s one on effectiveness for chronic spinal pain. Why Did They Do It?
The authors wanted to test and compare effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation in chronic spinal pain complaints. They used several different protocols including needle acupuncture, nonsterioidal anti-inflammatory medication, and/or chiropractic manipulation. How Did They Do It?


It has been my experience that many women are under the false impression that they are not supposed to be going to see the chiropractor during pregnancy. That information is, again, completely false. Different chiropractors are going to have different levels of comfort in dealing with different conditions and pregnancy is no different. Some chiros will feel more comfortable waiting until the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are over since they are usually the more “fragile” weeks of a pregnancy. However, if using the Activator-style, instrument-aided adjusting, a visit during this period of the pregnancy should be fine.Some chiros will feel uncomfortable adjusting a mommy-to-be after she has reached the 36 weeks mark. Again, using the instrument-aided adjustments beyond 36 weeks should be safe and uneventful.For most chiropractors though, for the period of pregnancy after the first 12 weeks and prior to the 36 weeks, regular chiropractic manual manipulation is not only perfectly safe, it is encouraged to combat the growing discomfort that a new mommy-to-be will begin experiencing before long. Most chiropractors have sections of their table that release and relax to accommodate the growing abdomen and to make it more and more comfortable for the pregnant patient.Massage therapists have also developed their techniques to include side-lying massages that allow the pregnant mom to have her sore and achey back worked on but avoid any uncomfortable positioning.

Low back is one of the biggest issues that is seen in physical medicine and primary care clinics. There have been questions as to the effectiveness of Mechanical-Assisted Manipulation when compared to regular Manual-Thrust Manipulation as well as to the effectiveness of manipulation compared to Usual Medical Care. Why They Did It
The authors in this study wanted to find out what the effectiveness was of the following treatment protocols:

Jeff Williams, DC

Serving the Panhandle for 15 years, and spending several of those years as an Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Williams has seen it all with conditions ranging from various car wreck or auto injury to whiplash, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, neck “cricks” and pinched nerves, neck pain, back pain, and low back pain, to migraines and sports injuries. I have a dream job in a dream practice where we get to help people on a daily basis. We have been very fortunate and truly blessed.

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