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Why Did They Do It?
To find out if cold laser could be an effective alternative in treating swelling and pain. Specifically, in this research abstract, following orthognathic surgery. Or, as it is known in the real world: jaw surgery.
How Did They Do It?


I can tell you from personal experience that spinal decompression has been a life-changer. It has been so incredibly effective, that it’s important to show what, where, how, and why through research. It’s never good to simply be forced to take a stranger’s word for it when you’re discussing spending a significant sum of money on a treatment option. That’s where more and more research can come into the picture to help us educate our patients and the public in general. When insurance doesn’t cover a service, it can be very difficult to make a patient understand the outstanding effectiveness of spinal decompression. It’s phenomenal but there seems to be a relationship in patients’ minds regarding insurance coverage and validity of the treatment. In other words, many times our patients seem to initially think that if the insurance company doesn’t cover a service (spinal decompression or cold laser) that it is probably of no use. 


More and more health practitioners are beginning to recognize the benefits of cold laser or low level laser (LLL). More and more research continues to validate the trend and in response, we are seeing increased utilization across the board. Here is a short research paper having to do with the efficacy of LLL on temporomandibular disorders (TMJ) (TMD).


I hope you’re enjoying the new series that I started last week. I got some great messages from several colleagues so it appears we’re off to a great start. Again, this series is based on information provided to me personally by Mr. George McAndrews. Mr. McAndrews was the lead counsel in the Wilk vs. AMA case and won that case with his considerable skill but also these great resources that I will continue sharing with you throughout this series. These blog topics and research findings are all part of a wonderful article in Dynamic Chiropractic that Mr. McAndrews wrote. You can read that article at the following link: Part Two of this new series called “Why Have Over 40 Million Americans Tried Chiropractic?”, we’re going to focus on “Conventional Medicine Does Not Emphasize Musculoskeletal Care.” 


It’s the new thing!


“Neck pain is a mechanical problem, and it makes sense that mechanical treatment works better than a chemical one.”
Dr. Lee Green, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Michigan

Jeff Williams, DC

Serving the Panhandle for 15 years, and spending several of those years as an Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Williams has seen it all with conditions ranging from various car wreck or auto injury to whiplash, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, neck “cricks” and pinched nerves, neck pain, back pain, and low back pain, to migraines and sports injuries. I have a dream job in a dream practice where we get to help people on a daily basis. We have been very fortunate and truly blessed.

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