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Why They Did It:
To compare chiropractic patients and medical patients with Low Back Pain and see if the type of doctor influences how long people have the pain continue and the eventual outcome of the condition. 


Why Did They Do It?
The researchers had an idea that primary care providers that specialized in a non-pharma and non-surgical approach primarily and also used alternative medical techniques would have superior outcomes when compared to primary care providers that only used traditional, conventional medical approaches. 


Why They Did It.
The researchers wanted to review all evidence they could find on different types of manual therapy used on different patients throughout different stages in non-specific, general low back pain. That sounds like a heck of a good reason to me.


What was the purpose?
Assess literature regarding the use of spinal manipulation in low back pain.


This one is short and sweet.


Here is information from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) dated March/April 2007. 


As recently as 2011, Consumer Reports did a survey on 45,601 people. (Yes….THAT Consumer Reports. The one that has been trusted by millions for decades!)


As I was strolling through a chiropractic Facebook group yesterday, I noticed a post about some research that came out in 2008 from Canada. It was talking about a program they put together in the hospitals in which patients were co-managed by medical doctors and chiropractors. It was written by Paul Bishop, MD, DC, PhD.


1998 – Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: “Second only to upper respiratory illness, musculoskeletal symptoms are the most common reason that patients seek medical attention, accounting for approximately 20 percent of both primary-care and emergency-room visits. Musculoskeletal problems were reported as the reason for 525 (23 percent) of 2285 visits by patients to a family physician, and musculoskeletal injuries accounted for 1539 (20 percent) of 7840 visits to the emergency room. … Nevertheless, seventy (82 percent) of eighty-five medical school graduates from thirty-seven different schools failed to demonstrate such competency on a validated examination of fundamental concepts.” 


For a period of time, from 1985-1990, Borchgrevink et. al. did a review of car wreck cases that were seen through the Emergency Clinic at The University Hospital in Trondheim, Norway.


A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of the most common interventions.


I want to preface this blog by repeating what I always say: this is NOT to bash a medical doctor. It is not to lessen a patient’s confidence in their medical provider. That is in no way in anyone’s best interest and it is not my goal or focus. I have tremendous respect for many in the medical field. Their innovations and dedication can be life-consuming for them and life-saving for millions of patients. 


Since I was out of town last week and unable to compile a thorough blog together for this week, I decided I would take a small snippet of a research project that was put out in 1998. 


in 1975, Richard C. Wolf, M.D., independently confirmed a 2 to 1 effectiveness ratio in a study entitled “A retrospective study of 629 workmen’s compensation cases in California”:


I know 1972 may sound like ancient history now to some but, for reference, I was born in 1972 and I happen to think it wasn’t all that long ago. At all….


First thing to know is this: cold laser-enhanced spinal decompression is the treatment of choice for a cervical or lumbar disc herniation. It just is. Research show it to be a fact. Not a guess or a hope. For more information on Cold Laser-Enhanced Spinal Decompression, please click the link and go to our sister site


The purpose of this research was see the comparison between self-reported pain and subsequent improvement in people having symptomatic, MRI-confirmed, lower back disc her nations that were treated with two different methods.


Dr. Richard Sarnat, MD and Dr. James Winterstein, DC took on a seven year study. The question was, what would happen if there was an unbiased study having to do with chiropractors and led by a medical doctor. What would it show?


In a lot of cases, immediate relief can be yours according to new research.


This could become what is referred to as a “landmark” study


Continuing our theme of chiropractic reducing healthcare costs, being non-invasive and conservative, and being equally effective….research in 2013 showed that chiropractic adjustments were equally effective as epidural injections for those suffering from low back pain. And that’s minus the risks and without the significant costs that go along with the injections!


In 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) actually recommended chiropractic care before resorting to surgery. Yes, “enemies” in the title of this blog post refers to the medical associations, both state and national. However, I hope that is not misconstrued to imply that medical doctors are our enemies.


Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with traditional medical treatment has shown to provide more relief than medical care alone according to new research.


I have been preaching for over 16 years that patients with lower back pain will be prone to accelerated degeneration and arthritis as well as fibrous adhesions inside the spinal joints.


“Low back pain treatment initiated with a doctor of chiropractic (DC) saves 40 percent on health care costs when compared with care initiated through a medical doctor (MD), according to a study that analyzed data from 85,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) beneficiaries in Tennessee over a two-year span. The study population had open access to MDs and DCs through self-referral, and there were no limits applied to the number of MD/DC visits allowed and no differences in co-pays. Researchers estimated that allowing DC-initiated episodes of care would have led to an annual cost savings of $2.3 million for BCBS of Tennessee. They also concluded that insurance companies that restrict access to chiropractic care for low back pain treatment may inadvertently pay more for care than they would if they removed such restrictions.”
– Liliedahl et al (2010), Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics


4. Knowledge & Experience of the Doctor and the Staff


I get phone calls, text messages, and emails from friends and associates that live out of town asking me if I know a good chiropractor where they live. And if I don’t know one, then what is the best way to choose a chiropractor?


AMARILLO, TX – SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 – Did you know that over three million whiplash injuries occur each year resulting from motor vehicle crashes? Of these whiplash injuries, 500,000 people will have chronic problems and up to 300,000 will have some degree of disability. Apart from the effect on health, there’s a significant cost to society. Approximately $43 billion of total annual HARM is attributable to whiplash and related injuries. (HARM is a metric for quantifying the total societal cost of road trauma.)


Dr. Williams just put a request in his weekly email today asking for good, healthy recipes from his patients.

What Happens When Your Neck “Cracks?”
When you move your head from side to side and hear your neck “crack”, it doesn’t hurt but it is loud. Should you be worried by this?
The sound you hear is called “cavitation.” Cavitation is caused by gasses in the fluid between the joints being released by a sudden change in the pressure on the fluid. Think about it. When you pop your knuckle, you 
can’t immediately pop it again. That gas needs time to build back up. This change in pressure can obviously be caused naturally and be simply incidental, just like when your chiropractor works on you. Excessive popping of the joints can also tell you that you have an issue which may require your attention.

Other reasons for excessive popping are over stretched ligaments, arthritis, or a locking together of the vertebra.

Growing up, I was always told to sit up straight or to quit slouching. That used to drive me crazy! It turns out that there was a reason for the annoying advice and/or demand. We don’t think about it as kids but….we actually DO tend to grow older and our bad habits early on can have a long lasting affect on us as we age.


It’s the new thing!


“Neck pain is a mechanical problem, and it makes sense that mechanical treatment works better than a chemical one.”
Dr. Lee Green, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Michigan


People generally associate chiropractors with back pain or neck pain. They do not always associate chiropractors with headaches even though headaches are one of the maladies that we are the most successful at affecting.


Do you have a pinched nerve?


Patients seek out chiropractic care regularly for relief from injury, stress, or chronic pain.


There are very few professions in the healthcare field that provide you with the level of safety that chiropractic provides you. Just think about all of the stories you hear about surgeries that went wrong or were failures. Think about the money and the recovery time invested in those surgeries. What about drug interactions, overdoses, or mistreatment? It is simply rare to hear of any serious problems that resulted from visiting the chiropractor.


The question, “How long will I need chiropractic care?” is truly a tough question to answer.


Chiropractor in Amarillo talking about being an Amarillo Chiropractor – Just in case you haven’t read my bio on this website, I’ll first talk about why I decided to be a chiropractor.
I was a freshman in high school. We were on a choir trip in the New Mexico mountains skiing. We hit the same jump over and over all day long. At the end of the day, on the last run, I hit it wrong. I came down right on the top of my head. It was pretty traumatic but I got up and skied off in a lot of pain. I came home after the weekend and it just didn’t get any better. We went to our small town medical doctors without any help. We tried the town osteopath as well but to no avail. It was a tough time! My mother finally told me she had tried our town chiropractor one day. She thought I should go and I would have done anything at all to get out of the pain I had been in for 5 or 6 months. Anything at all! So, I went. He took an x-ray and felt like I had a compression fracture in my neck. He also felt that, if I stuck with his schedule, we should be doing better fairly quickly. Sounded great to me. And…..he was right. After three times a week for two weeks, you would have thought I had never been hurt in the first place. I had suffered for months and now I was able to go ahead and continue my life.


Amarillo cold laser therapy is here! Yes, here in our office.


Let’s start with some facts about fat.

Jeff Williams, DC

Serving the Panhandle for 15 years, and spending several of those years as an Amarillo chiropractor, Dr. Williams has seen it all with conditions ranging from various car wreck or auto injury to whiplash, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, neck “cricks” and pinched nerves, neck pain, back pain, and low back pain, to migraines and sports injuries. I have a dream job in a dream practice where we get to help people on a daily basis. We have been very fortunate and truly blessed.

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