Chiropractic Research After Seven Long Years

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Dr. Richard Sarnat, MD and Dr. James Winterstein, DC took on a seven year study. The question was, what would happen if there was an unbiased study having to do with chiropractors and led by a medical doctor. What would it show?

Would all of the hearsay and folklore about chiropractic be shown to be true? Or, would chiropractic come out on top, once again proving all of the recent research correct?

Here’s how it went:

  • The initial study took in stats from 1999 through to 2002.
  • The expanded study did 2003-2005.

For the entire seven-year period, from 1999 to 2005, patients treating primarily with chiropractors experienced:

  • 60% less stays at the hospital
  • 62% less outpatient surgical cases
  • 85% less pharmaceutical cost
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Dr. Sarnat was quoted as saying, “I have always believed that the over-utilization of pharmaceuticals and surgery, and the underutilization of more natural healing techniques, such as Chiropractic, has been the cause of great suffering. Yet, I had no idea that the magnitude of both clinical improvements and cost effectiveness would approach 50% in both cases. Previous studies have shown these types of savings when Chiropractic has been used as a first-line treatment for NMS (neuromusculoskeletal) ailments, instead of conventional medical care. But to see this level of effectiveness across the board for literally all types of clinical presentations within a primary care setting is surprising to me, and good news for the rest of the world.”

The research continues to pile up in favor of chiropractic. If you have, for some reason, heard negative and questionable things about chiropractic, it’s normally an isolated incident. We all have negative experiences with different professions throughout life but those do not define the profession as a whole.

We invite you to make an appointment with us and let us show you what we mean!

Till next time…..

by Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor

The Amarillo Chiropractor Blog is written by Dr. Jeff Williams.

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