Chiropractic With Medical Care Is More Effective Than Medical Care By Itself – Research

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with traditional medical treatment has shown to provide more relief than medical care alone according to new research.

The renowned journal, Spine, wanted to know what the combination of the two methods would produce and if it made sense to support it.

Here’s how it went:
They took 91 military personnel with low back pain
All received traditional medical care
50% of the group also received chiropractic adjustments

Once again, chiropractic came out a winner!

  • 73% of the chiro group experienced moderate and above relief from pain
  • 17% of the control group experienced the same level of relief as the chiro group
  • Chiropractic also had very disability scores that were far lower than the control group

There’s no doubt here that there is a clear advantage when using chiropractic treatment with your traditional healthcare.


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by Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor

The Amarillo Chiropractor Blog is written by Dr. Jeff Williams.

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Goertz C, et al. Adding chiropractic manipulative therapy to standard medical care for patients with acute low back pain: Results from a pragmatic randomized comparative effectiveness study. Spine 2013; 38 (8): 627–634. doi: 10.1097/BRS.0b013e31827733e7.