Chiropractor In Amarillo Discussing Incidental “Popping” And Why You Should Not “Pop” Yourself!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013
What Happens When Your Neck “Cracks?”

When you move your head from side to side and hear your neck “crack”, it doesn’t hurt but it is loud. Should you be worried by this?

The sound you hear is called “cavitation.” Cavitation is caused by gasses in the fluid between the joints being released by a sudden change in the pressure on the fluid. Think about it. When you pop your knuckle, you can’t immediately pop it again. That gas needs time to build back up. This change in pressure can obviously be caused naturally and be simply incidental, just like when your chiropractor works on you. Excessive popping of the joints can also tell you that you have an issue which may require your attention.

Other reasons for excessive popping are over stretched ligaments, arthritis, or a locking together of the vertebra.

Let’s talk about overstretched ligaments. This can be caused by injury but there is a lesser known cause of this. If you know of anyone that is constantly popping their own neck, then you know someone that is over stretching their ligaments. Popping your own neck starts out being very difficult. Over time, it gets easier and easier to accomplish. Even to the point of simply turning your head to elicit a “pop.” People must understand that they are doing nothing but damage to themselves when they continually pop their own neck. They do not have the vantage point to make any corrections. I am a chiropractor and cannot work on myself! They are simply moving the vertebrae above and below the problem spots. It akin to going to the worst chiropractor you can find. Not only that, but going to the worst chiropractor that you can find several times a day, every day of the year! There will be incidental pops as a result but there are worse consequences than that. If you are involved in a traumatic incident, the injuries will most likely tend to be much worse.

As a chiropractor in Amarillo, it is usually fairly easy to tell when patients make a habit of popping their own backs and necks. You barely even have to push before they start popping like popcorn. This can make one feel like a super chiro but the truth is, the adjustment will usually not last as long as it should due to the over stretching that the patient is causing.

Being a chiropractor in Amarillo has taught me a few things and one of those is to settle people’s nerves concerning incidental “popping” but to also educate them as to why it may be that the “popping” is occurring.  Chiropractors should stress the importance of never trying to self-correct! It cannot be done and you are only harming yourself in the long run.

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.