Chiropractor in Amarillo Discussing Moving From Your Chair Here And There.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

This goes out to all of you that are stuck. Stuck in a chair at work. Stuck in your chair at home. Stuck in a car for hours at a time. Just plain stuck!

It is easy to look at our “stuckness” (I just made that word up in case you were wondering) and see that it is not good and not healthy for our backs but we find ourselves unmotivated to right our wrongs. Or, we are unwilling to take the time to minimize the effects of our “stuckness”. We chiropractors can talk until we’re blue in our faces but it really comes down to the individual to take the steps necessary to reduce the time they spending sitting in chairs.

I am one of the lucky ones. I get to sit at the computer and do blogs, answer emails, and plan for my future once my world-domination plan has been carried out. (That’s a joke by the way) But I am also REQUIRED to get up regularly during the day and do some physical work. Some days are busier than others. There are some days that I will be on my feet and working for the majority of the day and then there are some days that I am found sitting at my desk for an extended time….planning world domination. And hoping the phone starts ringing off of the hook. Luckily, those days are much more rare than they used to be.

Some folks have taken notice of the problem as far as the office world goes. For example, there is a new chair that has sensors in it that can tell when you are sitting with poor posture and it can notify you of your indiscretion. It can also notify you when you have been sitting too long and that it is time to get your carcass up and move it around just a little bit. It is called the Intelli Chair. I have not Googled the pricing but I am going to guess that you will pay a rather handsome price to be bullied by your own chair. That, and I believe it is only available in Europe for the moment but I’m sure it will be making an appearance in America soon if not already.

In the meantime, it is a good thing that there are already some alternatives that do not cost a dime. The most important one is sitting as straight as you think you can comfortably. There are lumbar supports that you can put into any chair. These will help you to straighten your posture. That is not nearly enough though. I believe the most important thing is to get up and walk. I am not exactly sure what other chiropractors in Amarillo are telling their patients but I have a rule that I tell my patients. After every 45 minutes of sitting, get up and walk around for 5 minutes. It’s simple to follow and your taking 5 minutes here and there to walk around should not take too much out of your day. If you REALLY want to help, do some simple stretching while you are up on your 5 minute walk. Limber up a little and increase your range of motion by stretching those muscles out. When your five minutes are up, you will be ready to sit down with good posture and get back to work!

Being “stuck” stinks! But, these little tips should help keep it from getting the best of you and your body.