Contracts and Scare Tactics In Healthcare?

Monday, April 4th, 2011

While it is not my interest or intent to throw specific chiropractors “under the bus,” I find it necessary to talk in generalities about a certain trend in our profession that I just do not agree with.

I am referring to a trend that involves a patient being required to sign contracts with chiropractors for a year or more and pay for that treatment before any treatment is administered. Every one of the chiropractors that I have had discussions with concerning this behavior find this to be unethical and accepting payment for services not rendered in the healthcare field is questionable at best.

Conversations with my patients that have been taken advantage of in this manner inform me that this is accomplished through a very hard sell and through various scare tactics. A chiropractor that I am aware of utilizing these tactics has even gone so far as to encourage a prospective patient to sell her car because, “Surely your health is more important than the car.” The same chiropractor, when told that another prospective patient could not afford his contract, encouraged her to make him and his family dinner once a week to fulfill the terms of the contract. I will let my readers make their own minds up here.

Simply put, if you are being scared or pressured into something that you are uncomfortable with, or know deep down is wrong, then you should shop elsewhere.

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor