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Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Williams and I want to take time in our blog to tell you about us, about our office, and what you can expect when you visit us!

Here at Creek Stone Integrated Care, we have some very key, very vital principles guiding everything we do, every day, every week. Those principles are summed up as patient-centered, ethical, honest, highly trained through continued education, experienced, and lots of fun. Let’s break those down quickly so we’re on the same page.

When we say we are a patient-centered practice, we mean that we ALWAYS do what is best for the patient and NOT what is best for our wallet. We don’t see how many times we can get patients through our doors. We want to treat your problem, get you well, and send you on your way as quickly as possible. Then, we’ll see you the next time you have an issue. Pretty simple.

When we say we are ethical, we mean as an ethical chiropractor, we do not scare or manipulate our patients into doing what we think they should do. We simply make the good, responsible recommendations we think are best for our patients and then we are happy to be here however they’d like to use us. Nothing more, nothing less. Ideally, all chiropractic offices should operate in this manner.

When we say we’re honest, you can take comfort in knowing we follow the latest researched treatment guides. Not only that, but as honest chiropractors, we take the trust a patient puts into us very seriously. We honor that trust, not betray it.

When we talk about continued education, we pursue continued education with cheetah-like intensity. I do not believe a practitioner should graduate from college and simply ‘call it a day.’ No, the work has just begun, in my opinion. I typically get 4-5 times more than the minimal required continuing education hours each year. Not only that, but I host The Chiropractic Forward Podcast reviewing the newest research papers each and every week. Believe me, something like that will keep you on your game!

When I mention experience, having graduated in January of 1998, I have been practicing now for over 20 years. I don’t make the mistakes I made just out of school. In fact, in some ways at this point in practice, I’m a mentor to others. Experience absolutely matters and you’ll find it here at Creek Stone.

Lastly, when I say we have fun, we really do. On a typical day, you’ll hear music drifting down the hallways here at Creek Stone from Motown and Memphis to the blues and boogie. You just never know. We love to laugh. At the end of the day what matters most is having a fun, energetic experience with caring people all working together to try to help you feel better.

We have chiropractic care, spinal decompression, advanced and traditional massage, acupuncture, exercise/rehab, low level laser, and physiotherapeutic treatments all under one roof here at Creek Stone where there’s good, there’s better, then there’s Creek Stone.

Pain can change a person but we can absolutely change pain. It’s clear that the right choice can change everything.

Call us at 806-355-3000 to set up an appointment or free consultation if you would like to meet us and get to know us.

Jeff Williams, DC
Creek Stone Integrated Care