Easing Muscle Pain Through Spinal Adjustments

Monday, February 17th, 2014

In a lot of cases, immediate relief can be yours according to new research.

Chronic pain conditions can be caused by several things. Among them are repetitive motions (doing the same thing over and over throughout the day), sitting idle too much, or some sort of injury to the muscles. It affects approximately 25% of everyone you know. Also, up to 85% of middle-aged folks.

Here’s how this study went:

  • 36 patients that had muscle pain (myofascial syndrome)
  • some were treated with chiropractic
  • some were treated with a sham (fake) treatment
  • their pain threshold was measured and their ability to take trigger point pain.

Following adjustments, the chiro people were significantly improved compared to the control group!

Conclusion being, that chiropractic adjustments can immediately, in a lot of cases, be your answer to muscle pain. That pain may come back though and that’s why your chiropractor often suggests that you undergo a brief regimen of treatment to build a stronger, more durable recovery.

What great news for Amarillo chiropractors and patients of the Texas Panhandle!

Till next time…..

by Jeff S. Williams, D.C.
Amarillo Chiropractor

The Amarillo Chiropractor Blog is written by Dr. Jeff Williams.

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