How Chiropractors Can Help With Joint Inflammation

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

One key aspect of healthy living is keeping your joints in good shape and health. Inflammation in the joints can often result in severe pain and difficulty in carrying out basic movements such as walking, sitting, or even holding things with your hand.


Joint inflammation is caused by several factors such as arthritis, infection, or even trauma. Inflammation in the joints can be acute or chronic, depending on the causative factors. Chronic joint inflammation may be a result of arthritis, while acute inflammation of joints may arise due to an ankle sprain or other injuries.

Symptoms of joint inflammation

  • Pain
    It might be challenging to see inflammation that is internally located. However, pain can always be felt. It is also important to note that worn-out cartilage, weak muscles, joint aging, and osteoarthritis are some factors responsible for inflammatory induced pain around the joints.

  • Swelling around the joints
    One other common symptom of joint inflammation is swelling. The joints produce fluids (known as effusion) as a means of responding to damaged cartilage. Injuries to bones around the joints can also cause blood to gather around the affected area, thereby leading to inflammation that is accompanied by swelling.

  • Joint stiffness
    Inflammation in the joint is often characterized by stiffness. Stiffness is the body’s reaction to pain and swelling in the joint. Joint stiffness prevents the inflamed joint from moving freely.

  • Redness
    Redness in the joint is usually more pronounced if gout or probably an infection causes the inflammation. Inflammation as a result of osteoarthritis does not often cause redness of the affected area.

  • Warm feeling in the affected area
    Warmth over the area is experienced around the tissues of the inflamed joint. It is as a result of the body’s response to inflammation. Arthritis induced inflammation is often characterized by a slight temperature change in the affected joint.

How Chiropractors can help with joint inflammation

Chiropractors have been known to help patients recover from joint inflammation through several methods. These techniques have been effective in dealing with chronic or severe pain, swelling, and other symptoms associated with inflammation. The following are some ways chiropractors in Amarillo help with joint inflammation:

  • Joint mobilization therapy
    Joint mobilization is a form of manipulative therapy. Amarillo chiropractors ensure that the joints are moved in a particular direction and specific depths. This is carried out to stretch and flex the muscles and tissues around the joint. Stretching joint muscles relieves the pain in the joint area and also tends to reduce inflammation.

  • Thrust mobilization therapy
    When the joint is moved rapidly more than its normal or physical range of operation but also at a range less than its anatomical motion limit, cavitation is experienced. Joint cavitation refers to pop or cracks sound which is produced as a result of the collapse of gas bubbles. The rapid movement of the joint surfaces makes the gas bubbles to make a pop sound which indicates that the joint surfaces have been cleanly separated. Although we don’t concern ourselves with whether a joint makes a popping noise or not, we ARE absolutely interested in the movement of the joint. Good, healthy, balanced movement can be key to blood flow, pain reduction, and recovery.

  • Low Level Laser therapy
    Low level laser has been shown in research to be effective in treating sore or inflamed joint tissues, especially sprains and strains. It works on the cellular level to speed healing and reduce joint inflammation.

  • Exercise
    Engaging in regular activity can help a patient to deal with joint inflammation. Chiropractors advise patients to carry out regular exercise so they can stay fit and healthy. Exercise also helps to build and strengthen the muscles around the joint and reduces inflammation.

How we can help

If you are suffering from pain and this is taking much of your time as you are not allowed to carry out your usual daily activities, then you might want to consider us.

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