Injury Expectations

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Information on treatment, frequency, reasonable expectations, etc…

What can you expect from us, as your Amarillo chiropractor, if you seek treatment following an acute external trauma incident with mild soft tissue injury?

First, what is an acute external trauma incident? A slip and fall, a sudden jerking, or a car wreck would certainly qualify. Being hit by objects or falling can cause intra-articular “jamming” as well as producing contusions and injury of the surrounding soft tissues. Whether the insurance companies want to admit it or not, this can occur from car accidents suffered at very low velocities.

Early intervention is always recommended to decrease the likelihood of the formation of chronic scarring and myofascitis.

Early care includes passive movements (doctor assists in exercise movements), regular adjustments, gentle massage therapy, stretching, and home ice therapy.

You can expect to see your chiropractor 3-5 sessions per week at first with the frequency decreasing over time. Most people do not realize that many symptoms will not arise for 6-8 weeks following an accident so long term treatment is certainly recommended. You should also expect periodic follow ups for 2-4 months.

Patients that have been involved in mild to moderate accidents will eventually heal to an extent. I would even say that most will heal to a level that they are mostly satisfied with. The question is, did your body adapt to abnormalities that still remain? In other words, do you have areas in your spine that are not freely moving, do you have chronic scar tissue limiting your range of motion, or do you still have remaining “jamming” at the articular facets? Your body can still adapt and “move on” with these sort of issues remaining. These are the sort of issues that can have serious consequences as time marches on.

When you seek chiropractic treatment following an accident, you can be confident that you will heal faster, scar tissue will be minimized, and that your body healed without being forced to adapt to abnormalities. That means that your long-term affects and difficulties are going to be minimal (or non-existent) in most cases.

A good idea of what to expect (including expected consequences of inaction) is a good start toward forming an educated plan of attack!

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.