I’ve Suffered a Startling Whiplash Injury In Amarillo. What Are Some Promising Next Steps?

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Let’s start with why getting struck in a car wreck could be called whiplash injury in the first place. It comes from the idea of what happens with a common bullwhip. Many people have probably played with one at one time or another when they were a kid.

Basically, when a person first starts a whipping motion for a bullwhip, it begins with transferring energy from the arm motion into the handle of the whip. The energy then proceeds to transfer through the length of the whip and then out through the end.

Of course, the forces endured in a car wreck are much different, but one can see how the two concepts can be related. A force is introduced into our vehicle. The energy starts at our low back or waist and travels up into our head and neck.

Depending on where our headrest is situated, and a whole lot of other factors, it can be a severe event.

Some of the factors that can set you up for serious whiplash injury are:

  • Being a female. Females get hurt worse in car wrecks typically.
  • Not only being a female but being a small female under 130 pounds. These women typically have a worse time with whiplash injuries for sure.
  • If you have hurt your neck previously, your whiplash injury is likely to be worse overall.
  • If your headrest is set too low and your head is positioned well above it. This allows for more movement of the head when snapping backward. That is not a good set up.
  • Rear impacts are typically much worse for whiplash injuries.
  • Having your head turned when getting hit from behind. That is not a good deal.
  • If you were not expecting the wreck and did not have time to brace yourself, the whiplash injury will be more severe.
  • Getting hit by a larger vehicle can also make that whiplash injury worse.

While there are other factors determining whether or not you’ll be miserable after a wreck, these are some of the highlights.

There’s always the question of what to do after a car wreck. Especially when you start to realize you may be having symptoms of a whiplash injury. Not only does your neck hurt and feel weak, now you are starting to feel sore in your upper back and may even be having some concussion symptoms and having a hard time sleeping.

It’s reasonable to question what to do next. That is the reason for this article. We want to let you know that we can help you figure it out. We are a healthcare facility and are uniquely situated to help patients after their car wreck and whiplash injuries.

The first reason is that Dr. Jeff Williams has an Advanced Certification in Whiplash Biomechanics and Traumatology through the SPINE center in San Diego, CA. He has attended countless educational hours for whiplash injuries and the treatment of them.

The next reason is that we have been working with attorneys and insurance companies to help our patients achieve an optimal result for roughly 11 years as of the writing of this article. When it comes to whiplash injuries and the various coverage types available to patients, trust us; experience matters.

Another great reason we can help you is that Dr. Jeff Williams was recognized as an expert in Whiplash in District Court and has proven to be an effective witness when called on to provide expert testimonial.

Yet another great reason is that Dr. Williams soon will be the only chiropractor in the entire Texas Panhandle designated as a Diplomate of American Chiropractic Orthopedists (DACO). That means there is no better place to have your non-complicated neuromusculoskeletal injuries evaluated. Only a DACO can fully assess and communicate injuries like those sustained from car wrecks.

The last and best reason to be treated here at Creek Stone BEFORE getting lawyers or doing anything extra is that we are all about our patients and our car wreck patients typically pay nothing to be treated. There is usually more than enough insurance coverage in car wreck cases that patients rarely, if ever, incur any costs personally.

If you have been in a car wreck in Amarillo or the surrounding area, get treated at the ER first if it’s an emergency. Then, call us here at Creek Stone Integrated Care at 806-355-3000 and let us help you on your path to healing.

Creek Stone Integrated Care
Jeff Williams, DC