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Before I came to see Dr. Williams, I had struggled with years of headaches and back pain. Finally, after dealing with some stabbing pain in my back, I decided to find a chiropractor. Jeff had the highest ratings so I gave him a call and was able to get in the same day.

Not only was I greeted with a friendly staff, but I was treated as if I had been coming here for years. My first visit was extremely beneficial; I was able to get out of bed the next day with no aches or pains. Now, I am going on two weeks of seeing Dr. Williams and I feel better than I have in a long time. I actually have gone 2 weeks without a headache which I haven’t done in almost 10 years.

After seeing a medical doctor who was unable to help with my headaches, it is quite a relief to be pain free. I have, and will contine to tell those around me about Jeff and his friendly staff.- Angelica Castillo 6/24/14

When I hurt my back Jeff was so wonderful! My doctor told me my last option was surgery. I have heard once you have back surgery you will always have to have surgery. I am only 28! No way was I going to live my life like that! I came to Jeff and in 2 months of going to him every week I was 100% better! Now, I see him when I need to but the back pain… GONE! Jeff is an awesome Chiro! Wouldn’t go any where else! – Jennifer Elliot

Before I came to APACC, my neck hurt every day. Now, after 3 weeks, Dr. Williams has been able to take away almost all pain and I feel better every day. Treatments were very comfortable, quick, and effective. – David Rojas

My name is Sue Hudson and I was suffering from severe lower back and sciatica pain before finally coming to Dr. Jeff Williams. I had told my personal physician about my back pain and he sent me for an x-ray. The only result he could see from the x-ray was possible degenerative issues. He also advised me that I could do physical therapy and that he could prescribe pain medication. I felt as if I was left with few options and decided I did not want to live my life on pain medication. That is what led me to Dr. Williams after seeing his advertisement in a mail out flyer.

Dr. Williams immediately did extensive testing on my spine and diagnosed me with a bulging disc in my lower back. Dr. Williams’ treatment plan for me consisted of a 12 session plan for spinal decompression and cold laser therapy treatments along with electric stimulation and adjustments. Employee health insurance companies do not cover spinal decompression or cold laser therapy treatments which is way beyond my comprehension. These plans will cover back surgery but not this treatment which can prevent back surgery. Anyway, after my 12 sessions of spinal decompression and cold laser therapy, I was not quite to the point where I was without pain. Dr. Williams suggested another 12 sessions plan (24 sessions have proven to have better and lasting results) and I agreed. At this point it was May and I had begun treatment in March. After another 12 sessions both Dr. Williams and I agreed that I was to the point where I had healed very well and had received the results we had hoped for!!

That was in July and now in September I am pain free from my sciatica and have only minor back pain after sitting at my job for long periods of time but nothing at all like the pain I felt in March. I am doing back and stretching exercises at home and will see Dr. Williams once a month for treatments to continue healing.

If I had not come to Dr. Williams, I hate to think of the pain I would be experiencing right now or the possibility of being addicted to pain killers. I would highly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who is experiencing pain in their spine or neck and has not had a positive result from their physicians. We can only hope that our insurance providers will start covering these treatments on our employee health care plans because this type of care can definitley prevent a lengthy recovery from back surgery.

By the way, I am in my mid 50’s and way too young to let back issues get in the way of my active life. I hope my testimonial will help others get back on the road to recovery.

And, I failed to mention how professional Dr. Williams and his staff were during my visits. It was very enjoyable going to my treatment sessions and his staff are so friendly and helpful! –Sue Hudson – Amarillo, TX

I have been a chiropractic patient for many years and firmly believe in it. However, I have never considered it for certain conditions. On the evening of July 3rd in mid sentence I felt the sharpest pain in my jaw. I could hardly talk or sleep. The next morning it was worse and continued to be painful for days after. I finally called my mom who is a nurse and asked her about it and she said it sounded like TMJ and I should call my chiropractor. I called Jeff with reluctance. Not because of his abilities but because “what can a chiropractor do with my jaw”. I went in to see him. He did an exam and took out his activator and used it on my jaw. I left much the same as I went in. I told him that it still felt the same and he said to just wait. Well I did. I woke up the next morning with absolutely no pain. I could chew talk yawn and function normally again.

Thanks Dr. Jeff!!!!-S. Latham – Amarillo, TX

Some doctors practice. Some doctors are GOOD at medicine. Doc Williams is very good. After taking a vast assortment of combinations of pain meds and steroids over the last 5 years. Now, I am 99% pain free.

My family doctor had run out of “educated guesses” and he finally sent me to a back surgeon. I chose to try chiropractic and it has been a true blessing to me.

No more pain meds at all.5 out of 5 stars for Doc Williams. –Thomas Spielbauer

I found myself in a car wreck last year. It was very painful!!! I had met Jeff prior to this happening and he seemed like a very nice guy so I went to him. I got the best care I have ever received from a pain specialist. I had been to several doctors before. The ladies in his office are very concerned with your comfort and truly care about your health. During my treatment Dr. Williams found something that the radiologist had missed! It was a spot on my lung! He was very concerned and had actually lost sleep over having to tell me such news. He instructed me I needed to get this checked out. On Jan 29th of this year(2013) I underwent a life saving surgery.I had the lower part of my lung removed and I am cancer free! As if saving my life wasn’t enough I received the prettiest flowers from him and his wife while I was in the hospital. I cannot say enough kind words about Jeff or his practice. If you need regular care or find yourself in an accident I recommend Amarillo Pain and Accident Clinic. He is my hero!-Katrina A.

For 12 years I have suffered from bad Migraines. Migraines so bad that they would put me in a dark room and in bed for 5 hours. I have tried everything to try to get rid of them but nothing helped. When I was about 15 years old they would come about every 2 weeks. When I got in my 20’s, they would come every 4 days. My husband started seeing Dr. Williams and told him about my situation and Dr. Williams told him he would be able to help me. So, I started seeing him. We did a CT scan to make sure that everything was OK. And, of course, everything was fine so he started me on some therapy and some alignments. I can honestly say that seeing Dr. Williams has helped me. I have not had a migraine in about a month and a half. I am so grateful for Dr. Williams I recommend, if you suffer from chronic migraines, go see Dr. Williams. Thank you Dr. Williams. – Heather Romero

On Feb. 23rd I woke up in pain. My thigh hurt so bad that I couldn’t sit, walk, or anything. My wife took me to the hospital thinking I had blockage somewhere. They ran test after test and they couldn’t figure out what was the matter. They sent me home on pain pills.

Three days later and pain pills not working, my wife drove me to my doctor. He ran some tests and everything came back OK. Again, my doctor couldn’t figure anything out. He sent me to another doctor and he ordered an MRI. The MRI showed that I have some bulging in my back and they think that’s why my thigh hurts.

So, they send me to pain management to get shots. That doctor that is giving me my shots thinks it has something to do with my diabetes. So he gives me a shot and some exercises to do. So, almost 2 months of being out of work, my wife decides she is going to get me in to see the chiropractor. At this time I am willing to do anything to get me feeling better. And with hopeful feeling I go.

We see Dr. Williams and just talking to him makes me feel better that he wants to help. He asks me some questions and nothing leads up to why my thigh is in so much pain. He decides to do a regular alignment and to do decompression and electric stim. The next day he wanted to see me back to see how I felt.

And let me tell you….I never felt so much better.

So I am going twice a week for the decompression and electric stim and regular alignment. I am now able to walk without a limp and touch my leg without it hurting so bad. I am grateful I met Dr. Williams. Now I will be able to go back to work and enjoy life again. Thank you, Dr. Williams. –Larry R

I suffer from neck and back pain due to work and accident. Other chiropractor didn’t help with pain but Dr. Jeff has and continue to help. I find that I don’t need adjustments as often.D r.Jeff and staff are always friendly and so helpful, they are great! He also helped me with my headache! Love them! Catherine V.

I found Jeff and his staff to be very personable and willing to work with me to determine the right treatment for the issues I am experiencing. They were not pushy, but recommended I try a couple of different treatments to see how it works for me. I really appreciated the integrity of his business. Due to some travel, they recommended I wait until I am going to be able to come in consistently for the best results. Absolute integrity! I highly recommend Jeff and his staff to help you with any problems you are having! – Sabre C.

Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good chiropractor! Everyone in the office is kind and very helpful! I always know Dr. Williams and his team care, and want to find the most effective solution for my various back and knee problems. With their support, I able to live fully, without the constant pain. As a very active musical theatre major this is crucial not only for every day life, but my professional career track! – Julia R.

If you are reading this and are a little skeptical of chiropractic care I totally understand as I was too. I too had friends who told me of their horror stories of being guilted into long term contracts for their “health” and such absurdity. So when I ran into Dr Williams (Jeff) at a networking event and we got to talking about my migraines I really appreciated his honesty. He made no promises when he said “I can’t guarantee we can cure them but I have had a lot of success with clients with headaches. Why don’t you stop by and let’s see what we can do”. Within my first few visits the headaches were gone! I continue to see Dr Williams for all my maintenance needs and have never once felt any pressure to enter into any kind of agreement past my next appointment. If you are considering chiropractic care in the Texas Panhandle I highly recommend Dr Williams and his staff at APACC! – Steven Liles

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