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Thursday, August 13th, 2015

It has been my experience that many women are under the false impression that they are not supposed to be going to see the chiropractor during pregnancy. That information is, again, completely false. Different chiropractors are going to have different levels of comfort in dealing with different conditions and pregnancy is no different. Some chiros will feel more comfortable waiting until the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are over since they are usually the more “fragile” weeks of a pregnancy. However, if using the Activator-style, instrument-aided adjusting, a visit during this period of the pregnancy should be fine.Some chiros will feel uncomfortable adjusting a mommy-to-be after she has reached the 36 weeks mark. Again, using the instrument-aided adjustments beyond 36 weeks should be safe and uneventful.For most chiropractors though, for the period of pregnancy after the first 12 weeks and prior to the 36 weeks, regular chiropractic manual manipulation is not only perfectly safe, it is encouraged to combat the growing discomfort that a new mommy-to-be will begin experiencing before long. Most chiropractors have sections of their table that release and relax to accommodate the growing abdomen and to make it more and more comfortable for the pregnant patient.Massage therapists have also developed their techniques to include side-lying massages that allow the pregnant mom to have her sore and achey back worked on but avoid any uncomfortable positioning.

To help put an emphasis on my point, I will cite the following research.

Why Did They Do It?
With low back pain being so predominant in pregnant women, the authors noticed that research on pregnancy and chiropractic was fairly limited. They saw the need to

  1. Report the results that women got from chiropractic treatment during pregnancy.
  2. They wanted to compare those results to the outcomes from subgroups
  3. To investigate whether there ways of be able to predict the outcomes 

How Did They Do It?
Patients had to obviously be pregnant with low back or pelvic pain. 

They could not have contraindications to manipulative therapy. 
They could not have had any manual therapy for three months prior to the treatments.

Factors such as low back pain during a previous pregnancy, category of pain, duration of complaint, and number of previous episodes were all recorded and tracked. 

They used several factors to record the Outcome Assessments for these patients and performed the Outcome Assessments at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year post treatment. 

  • The patient’s global impression of change. (PGIC)
  • Numeric Rating System – estimating pain on a scale from 1-10
  • Oswestry Questionnaire

What Did They Find?

  • 52% of 115 recruited patients ‘improved’ at 1 week, 
  • 70% at 1 month, 
  • 85% at 3 months, 
  • 90% at 6 months and 
  • 88% at 1 year.

Wrap Up.
The majority of pregnant chiropractic patients with low back pain that underwent chiropractic treatment showed clinically relevant improvement, results, and recovery at all time points that the Outcome Assessments were performed. 


Peterson CK, Muhlemann D, et. al., Outcomes of pregannat patients with low back pain undergoing chiropractic treatment: a prospective cohort study with short term, medium term, and 1 year follow-up. Chiropr Man Therap, 2014 Apr 1;22(1)15

Just another reason to call a chiropractor TODAY

Research and clinical experience shows that, in about 80%-90% of headaches, neck, and back pain, in comparison to the traditional medical model, patients get good or excellent results with Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is safe, more cost-effective, it decreases your chances of having surgery, and it reduces your chances of becoming disabled.  We do this conservatively and non-surgically. In addition, we can do it with minimal time requirements and minimal hassle on the part of the patient. And, if the patient develops a “preventative” mindset going forward from initial recovery, we can likely keep it that way while raising your general, overall level of health!

We have seen time and time again the amazing effectiveness of chiropractic for issues such as neck out of alignment, hips out of alignment, back alignment, lower back alignment hip out of alignment, back out of alignment, etc… We have just about seen it all.

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