Preparedness Of the System To Handle Musculoskeletal Complaints

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

I want to preface this blog by repeating what I always say: this is NOT to bash a medical doctor. It is not to lessen a patient’s confidence in their medical provider. That is in no way in anyone’s best interest and it is not my goal or focus. I have tremendous respect for many in the medical field. Their innovations and dedication can be life-consuming for them and life-saving for millions of patients. 

My goal and focus is for the inclusion of chiropractic in the traditional methods of the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and in debunking the thoughts in some folks’ minds that chiropractors are “playing doctor” and really do not know as much about the musculoskeletal systems, and the body in general, as other healthcare providers. That notion is archaic, it is a myth, it’s close to slanderous, it’s irresponsible, and it’s out of ignorance. Not out of knowledge and education. 

These research blogs that I’ve been posting regularly prove my case for me. That’s the good thing. You don’t have to believe me. Thanks to the internet, and social media, these facts and research abstracts can no longer be buried while the mouth says otherwise. 

People like facts that back up what they hear and see these days. So, here are some more facts for you all to chew on:

2012 – Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: “In the United States, musculoskeletal disorders represent the most common health complaints, accounting for more than 130 million physician visits and 10% to 28% of all primary care visits each year and costing approximately $850 billion a year. These costs account for a substantial portion of the country’s health care expenditures. … Despite these facts, our own institution [the Johns Hopkins University Medical School] has had no required medical student musculoskeletal clerkship rotation or elective for several decades, and a landmark study in 2003 by DiCaprio et al. found that only 20% of allopathic medical schools in the United States had a dedicated musculoskeletal clerkship, making the quality of musculoskeletal training for medical school graduates inadequate. 

Clawson et al. surveyed 5,487 second-year residents in the United States and found that most reported being ill-prepared in the area of musculoskeletal medicine, and another survey of pediatric residents identified orthopaedics as the main area in which they believed that their medical school education had been deficient. … This discrepancy appears to persist beyond the training years and into the realm of clinical practice. In a survey of family care physicians, 51% said that they had insufficient training to address musculoskeletal issues, which may be related to the fact that 56% of the respondents stated that medical school was their only source for formal musculoskeletal instruction.” 

What do you expect from the medical field when you go to your doctor for a low back “strain” or a “crick” in your neck? I would venture a guess: rest, ice, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, possibly a pain-killer, and possibly, if severe enough, physical therapy. 

But what if it’s origin is underlying and structural? Here is a quote from Dr. Lee Green who is Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan.

“Neck pain is a mechanical problem, and it makes sense that mechanical treatment works better than a chemical one.” – Dr. Lee Green, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Michigan

Makes perfect sense to me. I see it every day of every week of every year……

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This blog is based on information via Mr. George McAndrews found in the article at this link in Dynamic Chiropractic.

Till next time……

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