Research Shows – More Than Half Sustain Long-Lasting Symptoms From Car Wrecks

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

For a period of time, from 1985-1990, Borchgrevink et. al. did a review of car wreck cases that were seen through the Emergency Clinic at The University Hospital in Trondheim, Norway.

There were 426 patients seen during that period of time with neck sprain injuries after car wrecks.

The idea was to find out what the patient’s use of sick leave was in the years following the car wreck and how much of the use of the sick leave could be attributed to the car wreck.

345 of the patients filled out the questionnaire having to do with quality of life following the wreck plus a review of information from the Trondheim Social Security office was performed.


  • 27% of the people had reported taking sick leave during the time just following the accident.
  • 58% reported sustained symptoms that were linked directly to the accident itself. This is important since car insurance companies try to tell us that all soft tissue injuries heal after only 3-6 weeks.
  • 16% reported being in a bad state of health.


As mentioned above, insurance companies may try to reduce payment on car wreck victims’ health bills due to a misguided notion that all soft tissue heals in 3-6 weeks. This is absolutely false.

If the muscle alone were strained, then yes….it should heal within that time frame since muscle is well organized, well vasculated, and heals more rapidly.

However, if ligaments or tendons are strained in the collision, which is more the rule than the exception, the damage can be long-lasting and chronic. Maybe even lifetime.

This study is important as it definitely hints at the chronic nature of car wrecks in mild collisions in general.

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