Chiropractic Manipulation

What is Chiropractic?

Amarillo chiropractors practice chiropractic, which is a whole field of health care focusing on disorders of the muscles, bones, and the nerves, and how disorders within these systems can affect general health. Chiropractic is used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions which may include neck pain, joint pain, leg or arm pain, neck pain, and headaches. That’s the short list of chiropractic conditions! Doctors of Chiropractic practice a conservative, healthy, drugless, natural approach to health care that is hands-on and always includes a thorough neurologic and orthopaedic patient examination, report of findings, diagnosis, treatment, and finally a report of findings to be certain that the patient fully understands the condition and the findings. Chiropractors also trained to recognize, diagnose, and recommend therapeutic and/or rehabilitative take-home exercises. Many chiropractors also are well-versed in providing nutritional and lifestyle counseling.The most commonly known procedure performed by chiropractors is known as spinal manipulation which is also known as a chiropractic adjustment.

The purpose is to restore mobility to the joints by manually applying a gentle force into the problem areas that have become restricted and no longer move freely. This tissue insult can be caused by a a combination of things or by one single event that was traumatic enough to get the ball rolling. An event like getting in and out of a car, bending over incorrectly to pick something up, rotating while picking up something, or simple repetitive stresses like driving all day for a living or like sitting at work all day staring at a screen. Either way, one can have pain, inflammation, and/or lessened function and ability. A series of chiropractic manipulations restores mobility, which, over time, lessens the pain and stiffness, further allowing for tissue healing. Amarillo chiropractors use manipulation almost never causes discomfort. Dr. Williams’ way of thinking is that it is easier to catch flies with honey. Meaning, he believes that going to the chiropractor in Amarillo should be something that you look forward to. It should be something you can’t wait to do. It should not be something that hurts and you’re afraid of. That’s why his patients often tell him that he’s the most gentle chiropractor that they’ve ever been to. It is, however, somewhat common to get sore after the first time or two because it’s something you’re not used to and something that take a little bit to get accustomed to. This is very short-lived if it happens at all though.

More and more research is emerging that shows that in several cases, such as low back pain, chiropractic care may be the preferred treatment. In fact, in a recent study, chiropractors got low back pain patients back to work cheaper and quicker than traditional medical treatments. Chiropractors can also help supplement medical treatment in a lot of cases. Not only can we supplement treatment that a medical condition may require, but chiropractors will readily refer patients to another, more suitable, provider when chiropractic is indicated in the patient’s condition, or if the condition indicates more effectiveness by co-management with other providers.