Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

$19/25 min, $39/50 min, $70/80 min, $90/110 min

The “Ahhhh Massage” that commonly comes to mind when one thinks of getting a massage at the spa. These are BASE prices which may vary depending on therapist experienc level and add-on services requested at the time of the massage.


$61/50 min

Also called Shiatsu-Japanese, Acupressure is a traditional Chinese technique of applying finger pressure to special points that lie along acupuncture meridians. It’s perfect for those wanting to go to an Acupuncturist but unable to stand needles!

Expectant Mother Massage

$39/50 min, $70/80 min

Just what it says: Massage that is safe and more comfortable for expectant mothers to give them comfort during a long nine months.

Massage Enhancements


Four Hand Touch Massage

+ $66/50 min, + $95/80 min

While one therapist is working on the upper body performing trigger point and muscle work techniques, the other is performing more relaxing techniques on the lower body. The therapists then change positions and continue. In doing this, tension is reduced as a result of multiple sensations occurring at the same time. This results in a more relaxing, results-driven experience.

Active Release Technique

+ $15/25 min, + $20/50 min

Active Release Technique (ART) restores free and unimpeded motion and increase the function of the soft tissues of the affected area.

Deep Tissue

+ $5/25 min, + $10/50 min, + $15/80 min, + $20/110 min

This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, and patients who have continual physical injury.

Sports Massage

+ $15/25 min, + $20/50 min

A Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. It’s used pre-event, post-event, and for specific treatment of injuries.


+ $10/25 min, + $20/50 min

A traditional Chinese technique that stimulates acupuncture points by brushing, kneading, rolling and pressing areas between joints. It is basically A more intense acupressure experience.

Chinese Cupping

+ $10/25 min, + $15/50 min

Most commonly used for pain. Using fire (no burning!) removes the oxygen creating a suction in the cup. It helps break up muscle and skin adhesions, a form of myofascial release. They can leave discolored marks on the skin, these are better known as hickeys but NOT bruising and they do NOT hurt.

Hot Stone Massage

+ $10/25 min, + $15/50 min, + $20/80 min

This technique is one of most relaxing and therapeutic experiences. The ideal way to spoil or reward yourself. Warm & mildly hot stones are used to relax muscles, melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation. You just have to experience it yourself!

Thai Massage

+ $10/25 min, + $15/50 min, + $20/80 min

Thai Massage is effective at breaking up adhesions and increasing your range of motion. Thai massage is an active style of massage and is like no other massage that we offer. Be sure to be comfortable as you remain dressed for this massage. If flexibility and range of motion is your primary goal, this is the massage for you.


+ $10

This massage is done with custom essential oils that can bring your massage to a whole new level. Some can be blended or all by themselves for different desired effects. For example, lavender is calming and relaxing. This is just another way to bring your experience to another level.