Spinal Decompression: Entry Point Into The System For Herniated Disc?

Friday, November 13th, 2015
Spinal Decompression and Herniated Discs

Although my experience with spinal decompression in my practice here in Amarillo is considered simply anecdotal, my opinion is “absolutely YES!.”

Without a doubt, certainly, positively, affirmative.

I can tell you lots of great patients that we have had come through out doors that have avoided surgery and are back to normal lives as a result of spinal decompression.

But, luckily, one doesn’t have to just take my word for it. There is actually research that shows how effective spinal decompression is.

Decompression has shown to be effective in re-hydrating the spinal discs, and reducing the disc bulge itself, and decreasing pain over all. Not to mention the fact that we have had patients canceling their spinal surgeries for years now.

I’d say that’s a pretty big deal!

Why They Did It

Since pain in the lumbosacral spine is the most common musculoskeletal pain, and causes days out of work and it is the biggest cause of disability in people younger than 45 years of age, the authors wished to explore further whether or not spinal decompression could be an effective answer.

How They Did It

  • The study was a randomized, Blinded study.
  • Some patients were assigned too simple traction treatment period
  • Some patients were assigned to decompression treatment
  • Both the attraction and decompression patients received weighted pools of 50% of their body weight +10 pounds.

What They Found

  • 86% of ruptured intervertebral disc patients had with decompression period
  • improvement with SPINAL DECOMPRESSION.
  • There was significant relief from sciatica and back pain. In contrast, there were only 55% that had good improvement or the use of traction period
  • None of the traction patients achieved excellent results.
  • The patients that had facet arthrosis 75% of them had good to excellent results with decompression.
  • In the traction group, only 50% of the patients achieved good to excellent results.

Wrap It Up

Non-surgical spinal decompression was significantly more effective for disc herniation’s as well as facet arthrosis then was simple attraction treatment. And certainly more effective then no treatment at all.

American Journal of Pain Management Vol. 7 No. 2 April 1997
Emerging Technologies: Preliminary Findings
C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, and Vera Borgmeyer, RN, MA
C. Norman Shealy MD, PhD, is Director of The Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care and Clinical Research and Professor Of Psychology at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Vera Borgmeyer is Research Coordinator at the Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care and Clinical Research. Address reprint requests to: Dr. C. Norman Shealy, The Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care and Clinical Research , 1328 East Evergreen Street, Springfield, MO 65803.


Just another reason to call a chiropractor TODAY!

Research and clinical experience shows that, in about 80%-90% of headaches, neck, and back pain, in comparison to the traditional medical model, patients get good or excellent results with Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is safe, more cost-effective, it decreases your chances of having surgery, and it reduces your chances of becoming disabled. We do this conservatively and non-surgically. In addition, we can do it with minimal time requirements and minimal hassle on the part of the patient. And, if the patient develops a “preventative” mindset going forward from initial recovery, we can likely keep it that way while raising your general, overall level of health!

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think.

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