What Is It About Being A Chiropractor That Keeps You Going?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Chiropractor in Amarillo talking about being an Amarillo Chiropractor – Just in case you haven’t read my bio on this website, I’ll first talk about why I decided to be a chiropractor.
I was a freshman in high school. We were on a choir trip in the New Mexico mountains skiing. We hit the same jump over and over all day long. At the end of the day, on the last run, I hit it wrong. I came down right on the top of my head. It was pretty traumatic but I got up and skied off in a lot of pain. I came home after the weekend and it just didn’t get any better. We went to our small town medical doctors without any help. We tried the town osteopath as well but to no avail. It was a tough time! My mother finally told me she had tried our town chiropractor one day. She thought I should go and I would have done anything at all to get out of the pain I had been in for 5 or 6 months. Anything at all! So, I went. He took an x-ray and felt like I had a compression fracture in my neck. He also felt that, if I stuck with his schedule, we should be doing better fairly quickly. Sounded great to me. And…..he was right. After three times a week for two weeks, you would have thought I had never been hurt in the first place. I had suffered for months and now I was able to go ahead and continue my life.

I truly wish more M.D.s knew the affect that chiropractors can have on neuromusculoskeletal conditions. It would have saved my parents a lot of money and saved me a lot of time and pain!

So, that’s the story of how I discovered the power of chiropractic. I also went to the chiropractor a handful of times every year throughout high school. I played a lot of football and threw the shot put and discus so I found it very instrumental in patching me up and keeping me going.

When I was growing up in Perryton, TX, our chiropractor was very well-known. He was on the school board. I believe he was a deacon in his church. Very well-respected. Going to the chiropractor was not “out of the box” in my town. It wasn’t until I got out of chiropractic school that I discovered that some people thought we were crazy! That’s a true story, by the way. LOL. I knew I had a few weirdos in my class at chiropractic school but, for the most part, they were all pretty much like me. They were fairly smart, level-headed, driven people that wanted to get out of school and help the world. And that’s just a fact. We took the same basic sciences as the medical doctors do in med school. We had a lot more radiology courses than they do. There’s no comparison. The least amount of hours we took in one semester was 23 hours and that was the first semester. I think they just wanted to break us in a little. It was more normal to have 28-30 hours a semester with as many as 33.5 in our 4th semester. And, we exited chiropractic school with right around $100,000 in school loans. So, I think it wouldn’t be hard to imagine my irritation when people say that we’re not REAL doctors. Aaarrgh!!! We are REAL doctors. We are just different doctors specializing in different treatments than medical doctors.

OK, I got that one off my chest.

I hear all of the time, “I believe in chiropractic.” While I’m OK with this sentiment, I think it’s important to pay attention to the wording. The word “believe” refers to something that is unproven and that you must have blind faith in. That just isn’t chiropractic at all. Honestly, I can give folks studies that they can go and read but I know they will not do that. So, I’ll make it easy. Insurance covers it. Bam! Done. Almost all insurance companies cover chiropractic. Most people have no clue how many devices and different forms of treatment are out there in the world that insurance companies refuse to cover (even if they are effective) because they still deem them experimental and investigational. Not chiropractic. In fact, in most uncomplicated musculoskeletal cases, your insurance would most likely rather you go to a chiropractor because they know that we will get you better faster and for less money overall. So, don’t “believe” in chiropractic. Find comfort in knowing that it is a proven alternative and is generally extremely safe.

OK, OK….I need to get back to what this blog was originally supposed to be about!

What is it that keeps me going from week to week? No matter your chosen profession, it’s a good question that I suppose everyone should ask themselves. It will make you take a step back and think just a little bit. For me, it’s fairly simple. I got into chiropractic because I’m not a blood and guts guy but I wanted to help people. I want to be the person that can make a difference in others’ lives when it seems nobody else can. You should see their faces when they come back for their second visit and are already in such a different place (pain-wise) than they were when I first met them. It doesn’t always work out so nicely but it usually doesn’t take more than one or two visits to get their attention and show them that you have done something to them to affect a change in them for the positive. It’s pretty special. I try to explain all of the time but I’m sure, for them, it’s comparable to a TV. What I mean is: We don’t know exactly how a TV works but we know what it does and we know how to use it. And it works! Not just your average profession can actually change someone’s life. It’s awesome and it’s powerful to see. I guess that’s another reason that I find it less than desirable when I hear disparaging things concerning chiropractic. To be fair though, there are chiros out there that deserve to have a bad reputation. I believe that could be said of EVERY profession though. And, unfortunately, bad news always spreads so much faster than good news. I understand it. I just don’t have to like it!

Another big reason I keep going day in and day out would be my family. I want to leave them something when I’m done. If one of them ever decides to become a chiro, I want them to have a head start. I also want my children to know that I did something to help my fellow man while I was here. They will know that I tried to make a difference in people’s lives and, hopefully, they will find a way to do the same in their chosen professions.

Have you ever asked yourself, what is it that keeps you going from Monday through Friday every single week of your life?