Why Choose To Be A Chiropractor?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The first reason, truthfully, is that I am simply not a blood and guts type of guy! There is a certain freedom when you know and can admit your shortfalls. One of mine is that I like dealing with bodies that are mostly put together and not leaking blood. It is just more comfortable for me. I can never imagine looking forward to setting a small child’s broken arm. I’m just not built that way.

Having run an Amarillo chiropractic office for some time now, I have enjoyed seeing and meeting so many good people. That is such a good aspect of being an Amarillo chiropractor. We tend to build actual relationships with our patients. I think doctor and patient both benefit greatly.

Chiropractic is natural in it’s approach to healing without the dependency on medications or surgery that is most likely permanent. The estimation is that more than half of Americans look to alternative health care in this day and age. Besides chiropractic, this would include treatment such as acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, etc. Luckily for us, chiropractic is the most highly sought form of alternative healthcare in the United States. Being a natural and, sometimes, “last option” for some, it is certainly appealing. And it is appealing being able to take patients that have had no success with traditional means of healthcare and to be able to turn their lives around. It truly can be life changing for the doctor and the patient!

If you have read my blog with any regularity, it is very clear that I feel like medical care is most certainly necessary in a whole slew of instances and cases. However, I do not feel like constant medication of our society can be the best answer to problems. Obviously, medication is needed and has it’s place but it seems that we, as Americans, feel like we MUST come out of a doctor’s office with pills or they didn’t do anything for us. That is just not healthy!

Again, being an Amarillo chiropractor in an Amarillo chiropractic office is a perfect fit for me. I have the opportunity to change people’s lives on a daily basis. I just can’t think of a better reward!

Jeff S. Williams, D.C.